I hate my waterpik

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I hate my waterpik

#1 Post by laurahalvey »

Did anyone else have a hard time learning to use it. IT seems whenever I try to use it, I end up with a wet shirt. Am I that un-coordinated?
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#2 Post by ReneG »

I have the Waterpik Ultra portable. I put the whole tip into my mouth and close my lips loosely around it so that water can easily flow out. I go by feel and move the tip (on the lower setting) around my mouth, tracing the outer gum line. I do this for upper and lower jaw and usually have some water left over so I go over the brackets downwards on the upper jaw and upwards for the lower jaw. I hold it with my left hand and keep my right index finger on the circular base of the tip and use that to angle the tip correctly. Oh, and the whole time, I'm bent over the sink, with my left hand holding my hair out of my face. This way, I don't get water dribbling down my right arm.

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#3 Post by dimeech »

Hi! All you need to do is hang your head over the sink (parallel) so that your eyes are looking down into the drain area.

Gross, but you need to do this so that the water will run out of your mouth, and into the drain, not onto your shirt!! Also, I find it helpful to keep my mouth OPEN while waterpicking. I have the Ultra and LOVE it (use it on power level 4).

Good luck!!

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