Has anyone tried the new Crest Pro-Health Night rinse?

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Has anyone tried the new Crest Pro-Health Night rinse?

#1 Post by TexasAggie09 »

I saw this at Wal-Mart the other day, and it's clear! There is also toothpaste. I saw a commercial a few days ago for it, and it claims that it is "specially formulated" to keep your mouth clean during the night or something. But I couldn't figure out what the difference would be! I love both the Pro-Health toothpaste and the rinse, but I'm wondering if anybody has tried this new stuff, and what they thought of it? If it works as well, or better, I would be interested in trying it out, especially the rinse since it is clear. Thanks for y'alls help!! :thumbsup:

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#2 Post by LadyJ »

Yeah, the last time I bought a bottle of the regular Pro-Health (LOVE that stuff!) I got a little sample bottle of the "Night" version. Keep an eye out for those!

There are only slight variations in the ingredients, really I think the active ingredient is the same. But I can't say for sure 'cause it's at home. I do know the Night stuff has sucralose (Splenda) in it.

Ultimately not a GREAT difference. The Night does taste slightly different and is a bit sweeter (the sucralose I guess). It also leaves an after...well, not really afterTASTE so much as afterFEELING like there's a residue left in my mouth. Not a BAD thing...my mouth still feels clean, and almost like the residue is a barrier to protect my mouth and keep it clean in the morning. My husband said he didn't notice it, so maybe it's just me. When I wake up my mouth doesn't taste/feel any different with that stuff or the regular or just brushing, but it is at least clean.

I like it fine but honestly I think once my sample's run out I'll just stick to the regular stuff instead of keeping 2 separate bottles on my counter.

The main advantage though if you have ligs would be that it's clear. I dunno how bad the regular stuff stains (not an issue for me - not braced yet, and when I am I'll have SL brackets) but if you're looking for a clear alternative I think this stuff will work fine.


#3 Post by leger »

Just a word of advice -- watch out for the possible side affects on the Crest Pro Health rinse. Many people have reported staining of the teeth from this product, as well as numbing of the tongue or loss of taste.

Go check out the reviews for Crest Pro-Health Rinse on Amazon. Or do a google search on "Crest Rinse stains teeth".

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#4 Post by gunter8888 »

I found the same deal LadyJ did for the free sample bottle of Night Time with a large bottle of the regular pro-heath rinse. I have used the Night Time twice and I like it. I find that when I use it I have less of the morning "film" in my mouth that I usually have. It leaves a slight dry feeling in my mouth immediately after use, but that dissipates quickly. I don't like the taste as much as the blue Pro Health, but its not bad.

I don't know if its worth having 2 bottles of mouthwash (one for AM, another for PM), but I am enjoying the free sample.
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#5 Post by TexasAggie09 »

Thanks guys! I still haven't tried the rinse, but I have used the Pro-Health Night toothpaste. It does seem a bit different, kind of like what y'all described with the rinse. But I think, once it runs out, I'll just keep using the regular, instead of having 2 tubes of toothpaste on the counter :)

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#6 Post by mariahfromchicago »

Yeah. It's good.
- mariah :heart:

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#7 Post by DireWire »

I have used it, but got scared by the stains story. Checking reviews on amazon on this is a must.

Have not experienced any staining myself yet. Taste is ok, and there is no alcohol bite which is great.

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#8 Post by HIMgurl »

I've use several bottles and tubes of the stuff and its not bad. But I noticed over time, my inner lower lip started to get really raw and burn after using it. (At least for 30 minutes) This was before I had braces so its got to be something in the ingredients.

I never noticed any stain, it actually help my teeth stay white and polished looking. I really love the stuff honestly but its too strong now I guess.

Now that I have brace the mouth washes will leave white or blue (depends on which one) film everywhere. And you will have to rebrush to get your braces clean again.

Like most replies here, there is no really big difference bewteen the night and day products.
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#9 Post by breal87 »

My bf uses that Crest Pro-Health stuff. I don't like it, when I used the blue rinse it leaves this weird blue residue over my brackets. I also tried the night time one because we got it as a sample and it has a weird after taste. It also left that weird white residue on my brackets... weird

but my boyfriend really likes it!


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