What kind of lip balm do you use?

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What kind of lip balm do you use?

#1 Post by cwatt1 »

I use plain old Chapstick, which works, but it would be nice to find something that lasts a little longer. Suggestions :?:


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#2 Post by cwatt1 »

Thanks Meryaten -- should've known there'd be other threads :!:


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#3 Post by markuhde »

Lip Smackers work great and taste really good, so that's what I use

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#4 Post by jennielee81 »

I use Chicken Poop....No, really!

The label clearly states, "contains no poop." :lol:
It's very nice. Here's their website:

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#5 Post by loulou123 »

I have turned into a lip balm addict :shock: in an attempt to find one which keeps my lips soft etc.

My latest effort is "aloe kote plus" which is made in the US. Its actually for surfers etc but works apparently on cold sores, sunburnt lips and fever blisters also so is very very good.

For any one in the UK i found it in a surf shop (surf nation i think) and it has proved very good so far.

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#6 Post by dagwoman »

Carmex is my god, and it has been even before braces. Whenever I visit my dad in the US, I bring back tubes and pots of the stuff. It stays on longer than any other lip balm, and because of its slightly waxy texture it doesn't wipe off as easily or dry up. I love it!

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#7 Post by Lisa65 »

Plain old Vaseline for me!

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I Use....

#8 Post by ilovemacs »

I use Blistex Lip Ointment, in the red and white tube. It works wonders! Blistex Lip Ointment @ http://www.blistex.com/Lip%20Ointment.htm
PS. I'm getting braces in early October and this Blistex Lip Ointment will definatly coming with me as I've heard your lips get dry when the braces are applied.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Blistex medicated lip ointment... even had it in my hands on Monday while getting my braces on... :wink: :wink:

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#10 Post by verticaltrailmix »

I also must agree with Pooh and KK... Blistex's "Moisture" is pretty good too :dance: :dance: :thumbsup:

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#11 Post by zero »

I just started using carmex and I'm happy with it...

the other kind feel too goopy and they rub off in like 20 mins...

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#12 Post by *Denise* »

Chapstick Skin Protectant/Sunscreen SPF 4 Medicated!

I use this 3 times a day. :)

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#13 Post by TsuKata »

Carmex just came out with a cherry flavor that I'm loving! It does a great job on my lips, and it is a little less bracing than the normal Carmex scent/flavor.
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#14 Post by Zameera »

Plain old Vaseline. Sometimes Lip Smackers for a treat! Yum!
I might wanna try Blistex & Chicken Poop next time!

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#15 Post by FITeach »

My all time favorite is CO Bigelow's "My Favorite Lip Balm".
I used this before going to bed.

Throughout the day my faves are:
-Beyond Belief lip balm
-Bee Kissed Shea Butter or Banana flavors
-Avalon Organics Un-petroleum Lip Balm Spf

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