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#1 Post by dimeech »

Just wondering if buying a Sonicare is worth it... from what I've read you just go through soo many brushes (of other types) and Sonicare's being so expensive. I want one, but don't want to get suckered into buying a new brush head every month!
It's what some call the "stupid tax" aka learning the hard way you wasted your $.
Thanks :)

Betty Bat
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#2 Post by Betty Bat »

Well, I think it's worth it and so does my regular dentist. Try looking for brushes and brush heads on Ebay - it's a lot cheaper.

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#3 Post by sOofemme »

I don't know too much about Sonicare brushes, but I just bought this Oral B power toothbrush from Ebay and I LOVE it. It's called Oral-B Triumph and it comes with 4 brush heads, a timer, 4 brush modes and more. The brush also tells you when its time to change the brush head. You can check it out for yourself. I highly recommend it though.

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#4 Post by Alliharvey »

Totally worth it!!!!
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#5 Post by srg1977 »

I was very hesitant to buy one, but it's been one of the best investments i've made - mine was an oral b as well, but either one would likely be fine. Absoutely recommend it! Make sure to get one that has different speed settings. For the first few days (plus the days right after an adjustment) you want to use the slower speed. I chose the Oral B becuase they have special "braces care" heads and most of the other regular heads are cheaper than the sonicare ones.

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Re: Sonicare

#6 Post by modderbox »

I love my sonicare (Elite 7500)

It's an absolutley wonderful toothbrush and the results are incredible, the travel pack is great for school trips! They say to replace the brush every 4 months, I've been using the same one for about eleven months. (They cost about $40.00 each) I just let it sit in boiling water for one minute ever month, it works fine.

If you're prepared to make a $150+ Investment then it's well worth it, however I dont get my braces on until March/April so I'm not sure how well they work with those.

Hope this helps

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