Length of time between Extractions and Braces

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Well, I already have my braces, and I have yet to have my 2 extractions. My ortho just didn't put brackets on the teeth that are leaving. Off to read the rest of the thread!

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I had my braces on for about a month before I had two teeth extracted. My ortho just didn't put brackets on the teeth that were to be extracted.

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I know this is an old posting, but just in case someone else comes looking for answers later on...

I had 4 premolars extracted on a Tuesday and the braces (top & bottom, plus TPA) put on that same Thursday. Like someone else said above, I do NOT recommend it. It is too much going on in your mouth at one time. I am in SO much pain - and it's now Saturday - exactly what it's all from, I can't say.

Eating with the braces newly on takes it's own getting used to - as does eating with the new holes in your mouth. Trying to adjust for both is just a nightmare.

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I had 4 teeth extracted 2 weeks ago exactly, got my spacers today and get my braces next week. At the time I was really disappointed I wasn't getting it all done at once, but as I only started eating properly a couple of days ago, I'm so pleased I didn't! You really need to get used to the changes in your mouth first.

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I had my 4 wisdom teeth extracted thirteen days before I got braced. I also got a permanent crown placed on a tooth two days before. I think I gave myself enough time to recover, though it was very uncomfortable having my mouth pried open by those mouth pliers or whatever you call them! :lol: I think part of it depends on how deep the extractions are. Mine were quite deep, so I'm glad I waited.
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I had my wisdom teeth extracted and braced two days later and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
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