Length of time between Extractions and Braces

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Length of time between Extractions and Braces

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I am scheduled to get 4 teeth pulled out at the end of november and two weeks later braces. I have read that a few ppl have had them put on straight away. I asked my ortho about that and she told me its so the gums around the extractions can heal. Is this her preference or can I choose. I would rather get it all over and done with at the same time. Can anyone speak from experience with extractions? Would you wait?????


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I had three extractions on Sept. 27 spaces one week later and braced 10 days after that. I was a little nervous things were happened too quickly but everything went well. Good luck. Neelie

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my ortho and oral surgon both told me to wait a week before braces went on when I had extractions. So I waited a week!

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Depends on what extractions, I got 2 Wisdom teeth extracted and got braces 7 days later. And I am happy I got it 7 days later, 1 or even 6 days later all would be very painful still. The same day would be impossible, but thats just for wisdom teeth. After those extracted you cant open you mouth anymore, front teeth aren't that much of a problem.

Have you asked about alternates for front teeth extractions? I cant say that often enough, it sometimes isn't absolutely necessary! And often there are other possibilities, which are MUCH better than extractions.
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I got my braces put on four weeks after my extractions but that was because I had my wisdom teeth out at the same time. I'm glad I waited though, it was really tough dealing with the holes (food, etc) and by the time I got my braces on they were healed up.

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i had 2 upper premolars removed on either side on 20th march 2008, im scheduled to get braced on april 17th, but if they have a cencellation they will call me before. they had told me 2 weeks after the extraction i can get braced

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My ortho likes to put the braces on first for some reason. I had my braces put on 3/13/08 and my extractions (top 1st premolars, bottom impacted wisdoms) are scheduled for 4/23/08. I don't have brackets on the teeth that will be extracted and the top wire only spans across my front 6th teeth for now.

The ortho joked (at least I think it was a joke :?) that he puts the brackets on first so the oral surgeon doesn't accidentally pull the wrong teeth.

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Hey there! I had 8 teeth removed on January 21 and then got my braces put on February 11. I was worried that 2 weeks wouldn't be enough time but, at least in my case, my Orthodondist said that 2 weeks was an ideal amount of time to wait given the number of extractions being done.

It also gave me enough time to heal and adjust to brushing without the teeth...it was surprising how different it felt. Getting extractions and then braces put on straight away would have been a nightmare, at least for me - so I am happy that I had the two week wait.

Good luck with everything! :D
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I had four teeth removed less than a week before I got my molds taken for the orthocad, I was worried about that, but by the time that the braces got placed in the trays and shipped (about three weeks) My mouth had already started to heal, infact the only difficult areas were where the teeth were fully impacted, those took a little harder to close up so I had to pay extra attention to that side of my mouth.

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I had two teeth pulled at the top (one either side) about 2 minutes after the brackets were glued to my teeth, and about 2 minutes before my archwire was put on.
Dont do it. Its like there's so much weird stuff going on in your mouth at once, its all a bit much to deal with.
For starters, your not supposed to clean around the extraction site for about 2 days (and you dont want to!) yet your supposed to be cleaning your braces like mad!
And eating is hard enough to get used to with braces, let alone not being able to chew due to the empty sockets (depending on where they are)
Its just really frustrating, i was in a fair amount of pain for about 5 days, its not been 3 weeks and im still having trouble eating. i cant bite into anything, i can only chew right on my back teeth/gums, and due to this my mouth is having to go in very weird positions causing my cheek to get hooked by my wire everytime
I dont mean to sound like a huge whinger, im getting used to it, but i wouldnt recommend getting it all done at once

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i just realised the date this was originally posted. guess the advice doesnt matter now! i wont delete it though in case anyone had the same sort of question

*feeling foolish!*

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I just got my braces on June 24th, and I'm having my wisdoms and right upper pre-molar yanked next week.

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1 week later

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Hello, I had 8 teeth pulled (4 wisdom, 4 premolars) last week, and I'm scheduled for my uppers to be braced this week (so a week and a half later).

It's been a week since my extractions, and I'm not in pain at all, even after 8 teeth being pulled!

I would schedule braces for 1-2 weeks after extractions! Any more than that is unneccessary (at least, in my case)
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I had my braces on for 8-1/2 months before having my upper premolars extracted. Two weeks after the extractions, springs were attached to start closing the gaps.

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I had 4 wisdon teeth extracted a month and a half before my braces went on and then 2 premolars extracted only 5 days before my braces went on. I purposefully waited as long as possible on the premolars. I don't mind the gaps with braces on but the though of gaps and no braces horrified me.

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