putting braces back on

If you have finished with your orthodontic treatment and are wearing retainers (or will be soon), this is a special place to connect with others in your (enviable) situation. Ask a question or make a comment about life post-braces.

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putting braces back on

#1 Post by kjt »

Would anyone consider putting their braces back on if your ortho wanted you to?

I've had my braces off for 4 months and as soon as they took them off, they started to move. Most critically is my bite is slightly starting to open up on the right. Yesterday my ortho said he would like to put them back on for 4-5 mths and then make me a new retainer.

Really, I'm leaning towards not. I'm 28 and wore my braces for over 2 years. And I feel like even if I put them back on, they will probably move again once they're off. The ortho said he can't give me any guarantees of course. And believe me, I wear my retainer 24-7.

I feel like I need to move on with my life...I can't wear braces forever...

So would anyone else put there's back on or just settle with slightly imperfect teeth?

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#2 Post by **shinyhappybraceface** »

I'd put 'em back on. I'm 29 and I've only been braced for a few months, but why go thru the expense to be displeased with your teeth in just a short period of time.

I'd rather deal with the 4-5 months now.
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#3 Post by zeroprobe »

yeh give it one more shot.

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#4 Post by Granola »

How incredibly frustrating this situation must be for you.

If it were me, I'd put them back on also, while it is still "covered" under the treatment you already paid for. It is likely that your teeth will quickly move back to where they should be, and I'm guessing your ortho will devise a plan to help them stay that way.

I'm afraid that you may decide in a few years that you are not happy with them, and have to start treatment (and pay for it!) then instead of getting it over with now. This way you won't have regrets that you didn't do it. This of course is just my two cents, not trying to tell you what to do or anything.
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#5 Post by HollyDontSpend »

First off, that really bites! Sorry to hear that your teeth have started shifting!

I agree with Granola. While you're still covered, I'd take the opportunity to get them back on. Maybe he'll find a new way to keep it from reoccuring. Did you get any permanent retainers?
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#6 Post by fyrelight »

I did it! I had my braces off, then my canines started rising, even WITH wearing my retainers. I wore my braces again for 6 more months, then got new retainers. It went fast...
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#7 Post by kjt »

I know you all are right. It's just a difficult time for me because my hubby and I are trying to have a baby too.

But fryelight, how are your teeth doing after the 2nd time around? Is the new retainer working? Did you have a Hawley before? I wear mine all the time so that's why I'm so mad this happened. Was it hard for you to put them back on? Was it as uncomfortable as the 1st time? I'm hoping it will feel pretty natural since I'm used to having something in my mouth...whether it be braces or a retainer.

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#8 Post by fyrelight »

KJT, it wasn't bad at all..... worst part was the spacers/molar bands again... those are always a pain!
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#9 Post by nimo »

I think if I had to get braces again I wouldn't. Heck, I don't even have them on the first time yet! But I really am doing this for my own vain, cosmetic reasons. The fact that I'll be able to properly brush all those nooks and crannies is just a fringe benefit to not having to hide my face when I laugh or smile. So if I was happy with the way things looked, I'd probably just say no to the second time.

Now I'm sure I've jinxed myself, and I'll be stuck in braces a million different times. :shock: :lol:

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#10 Post by kjt »

OK, so I took your guys advice and they are back on....all of them. It's not as bad as the first time, it's kinda funny how it all comes back to you. But they are uncomfortable and I'm feeling a little self conscious today as everyone is noticing that they are back. I guess I just need to take it one day at a time and try to remember it will hopefully only be a couple of months.

Wish me luck

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#11 Post by NotBob1 »

I have yet to start my treatment, but if I needed to, yes I would do it again. I see that you did, and you will be happy you did when it's all done!
Good choice. :)
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Re: putting braces back on

#12 Post by BracedSurgeryStudent »

I wish I could put my braces back on NOW!!!!
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Re: putting braces back on

#13 Post by waterworld »

Go for it, you don't want to have to pay the whole thing again later on

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