Retainers after regular braces - invisalign possible?

If you have finished with your orthodontic treatment and are wearing retainers (or will be soon), this is a special place to connect with others in your (enviable) situation. Ask a question or make a comment about life post-braces.

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Retainers after regular braces - invisalign possible?

#1 Post by rhrh »

I'm jealous of my kid, we paid extra for her to get Invisalign and her braces journey was not that bad. I needed a lot of metal after orthognathic surgery.

My question is, now that I am in the full braces stage and all the metal is getting me down, is the retainer afterwards more like Invisalign, or do they use a metal & plastic retainer after full metal braces?

Not sure I really want to know :) but if there's a chance my retainer can be all plastic and no metal, I'm wondering if other people out there have experiences.


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Re: Retainers after regular braces - invisalign possible?

#2 Post by djspeece »

I opted for the Vivera retainer (from Invisalign) because I thought the plastic and metal one was just horrible. The thought of it in my mouth was a no-go and its appearance was disgusting to me. The Vivera was something like a $400 upcharge, which my orthodontist waived because of some issues with his staff trying to make a mold for me. He then had an instrument that was used to form the impression which did not require the usual goop in a tray, and the result was a perfectly fitting retainer. I got something like 4 sets. Once the retainers arrived he did some fine-tuning of the margins and so forth and I have not had a single issue over the past 6 years or so that I have been wearing them.
I'm not sure all orthodontists are qualified or licensed for the Vivera, so you'll need to check with your ortho. Best of luck to you.

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