Less tongue space and speech problems after braces

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Less tongue space and speech problems after braces

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Has anyone experienced speech problems AFTER de-banding because of less tongue space?

My lower anterior teeth were pulled back and positioned at an angle that tips them inward towards the tongue. My tongue has much less space now and I have an airy “s” and “t” sound when I speak.

I’m wondering if speech therapy would help? I was told my tongue would adjust but I got my braces off 8 months ago with little improvement.

I have gone for 2 other opinions since de-banding and my bottom teeth cannot endure any more pressure due to my low bone ridge and thin gums. So I am stuck with them this way. ☹️ (My ortho did what he needed to do to keep my bottom teeth from falling out.)

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Less tongue space and speech problems after braces

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I think at this point speech therapy would be an excellent idea. Like most of us,I imagine your speech suffered to some extent during your treatment, but if the speech issue has not resolved in 8 months then it might be a good idea to work with a therapist. Best of luck to you.

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