Tooth twisting after years?

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Tooth twisting after years?

#1 Post by DJS4OSA »

Has anyone experienced a tooth shifting after several years out of braces? What did you do?

I have one lower front tooth twisting slightly, enough to feel it out of line, after being stable for many years. I have a Hawley retainer I wear at night. Is it possible to push the tooth back by adjusting the retainer, or is the retainer too old to be effective?

My old orthodontist has retired, and I'm not sure it's something I should pay to see a new orthodontist about (I don't have insurance).

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Re: Tooth twisting after years?

#2 Post by LemonTree »

I've experienced something similar after many years out of invisalign. I've been able to fit into my old trays and will see if they move back into place. Would you consider seeing a different ortho/dentist to provide an opinion?

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