Can a Hawley retainer inhibit jaw growth?

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Can a Hawley retainer inhibit jaw growth?

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Can a Hawley retainer inhibit jaw growth?

My child had braces for a year to correct a crossbite (aged 8-9 yrs old during treatment). After getting his braces off he has been wearing a Hawley retainer on is upper teeth. Now six months after getting his braces off, his lower jaw has grown at a faster rate than his upper jaw (and faster on one side than the other resulting in a midline discrepancy) resulting in another crossbite/class III and his upper teeth tip to tip with the bottom front teeth when he bites (molars are class I). I'm being told that sometimes this happens and that we need to wait to see how the jaw growth settles out before doing more treatment (child about to turn 10).

I got a second opinion and was told that the Hawley could be inhibiting his upper jaw growth. When I asked his current orthodontist about that, I was told that his retainer will not inhibit jaw growth at all, and that the retainer will help to protect his teeth from potential chipping/damage while we wait to see what happens with his jaw. So, now, I don't know what to believe.

Help! Anyone know the answer?

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Re: Can a Hawley retainer inhibit jaw growth?

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I'm no expert but u would think that a Hawley being more solid would inhibit his jaw growth because it's being retained by a hard like retainer. Again I could be wrong


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