11 years out, and now looking at tooth loss.

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11 years out, and now looking at tooth loss.

#1 Post by LED » Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:53 am

I got my braces off 11 years ago, and now am experiencing quite a bit of gum recession all over my mouth, with the worst of it being in the bottom front. I have several teeth with only about 2mm left of gumline. The teeth in the middle front have been feeling achy lately. The pain feels like it's in the gum itself and has also resulted in having headaches on a regular basis. A couple days ago, I pushed and pulled on the lower front teeth because I was concerned that they might loosen up soon and was looking for a little reassurance that they were still tight. Instead, they started moving with relative ease. It felt like I could have pulled them out with my fingers. So now I'm really concerned. I won't try doing that again. Instead, I'm hoping to find a solution before I lose all my teeth.

Any suggestions?

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Re: 11 years out, and now looking at tooth loss.

#2 Post by EmilyTravels » Mon Jul 02, 2018 1:56 pm

I would get thee to a dentist asap for a consultation. They might refer you to a specialist or ease your mind, but you have to go get checked out.

My husband has rather bad gum recession on his bottom incisors as well, though he never had braces. He just went for a regular cleaning and asked his dentist, who said that his recession has been stable for years now, so he didn't think any intervention was needed now, just to continue with excellent dental hygiene. But his teeth aren't loose. That would be scary, and I would get it checked out. You might need gum grafts, implants, or a bridge. I hope they can save your natural teeth!

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