Essex Retainer for open-bite correction bad?

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Essex Retainer for open-bite correction bad?

#1 Post by xyfer277 » Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:33 pm


I recently got my braces off and was given a clear/essex retainer.

I've noticed some people mention that they feel like their bite is off in the morning after wearing Essex retainers and I had an anterior open-bite prior to braces and have had some TMJ degeneration which has cause my bite to be relatively unstable. I'm worried an Essex retainer could open up my bite by creating the 'space' between the upper and lower arches when i have them on.

Has anyone had Essex retainers after having an anterior-open-bite?

My orthodontist is very familiar with my case and everything i've been through so i'm sure he has a reason, i'm just scared of things relapsing.

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