Issues right before getting your braces off

If you have finished with your orthodontic treatment and are wearing retainers (or will be soon), this is a special place to connect with others in your (enviable) situation. Ask a question or make a comment about life post-braces.

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Issues right before getting your braces off

#1 Post by braceddd » Sat Nov 11, 2017 12:51 pm

My dentist hinted that I'd be getting my braces off on Tuesday. She said "Wow, your teeth are looking really good. If you wear elastics, you should be getting them off really soon." for the past two appointments and I've been wearing them but haven't seen a difference so I'm hoping they're ready. My teeth are mostly straight and my bites have been corrected. But, one of my bottom front teeth is a bit crooked. You can't tell in the mirror or in pictures but when I rub my tongue against the bottom row of front teeth, I can feel something is off. I don't know if this is paranoia or if I'm right because my ortho hasn't said anything about there being something wrong with that tooth. So I was wondering if braces make your teeth 100% straight or just close to that. Also, before you get your braces off, could there be something a bit off about a tooth, but your ortho still decides to take them off?

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Re: Issues right before getting your braces off

#2 Post by Chxsing » Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:05 pm

i think if it feels abit off it might be the shape of your teeth instead of it being in a bad position - but if you are completely sure that it isn't either of those definitely go have a sit down with your orthodontist if possible and explain your worries about that tooth :) best of luck!

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Re: Issues right before getting your braces off

#3 Post by testimony777 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:35 pm

I was in a similar situation. At my last appointment my ortho said that my braces will come off at my next appointment, January 5. However, at that visit one of my bottom left molars was clearly not aligned and because of the position of that tooth I was a bit shocked when my ortho gave me a debonding date. However, she must have added a new bend to my wire or something because a day after my appointment the tooth was aligned. If you recently had an adjustment it could be that whatever minor tweaks your ortho did will fix whatever needs to be fixed by your debonding appointment.
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