How long before replacing hawley?

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How long before replacing hawley?

#1 Post by jem »

After I was de- braced in 2013 ,as well as a bonded retainer I got a hawley which I wore 12/7 for the first 6 months and then have had to wear every night indefinitely. I thought it would last me for several years, but I lost it when I went away for a weekend so have had to replace it in under 3 years. I now have a nice new one with less bulky acrylic-tinted pink at my request as the previous clear one had started to look a bit yellow. How long have other people kept their hawley retainers for? Is there a length of time after which it is recommended they be replaced?

Sectional brace with Damon clear brackets fitted to front 6 upper teeth 3 January 2012
Brackets added to premolars 2 April 2012
Estimated treatment time originally 6-9 months
. Brace removed on 22 July 2013 after 18 months and 19 days
Now enjoying bonded upper retainer plus part time essix/hawley( I have both)

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Re: How long before replacing hawley?

#2 Post by jrm »

I have hadmy lower hawley for 5 years now. As far as you take care of them I believe they can last awhile.

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Re: How long before replacing hawley?

#3 Post by oldfart »

I plan on replacing mine whenever I get bored with the color. Eventually I'll be able to match every outfit I own..

(just kidding)
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