Pain with essix retainer after fixed retainer rebonded

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Pain with essix retainer after fixed retainer rebonded

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I completed my braces treatment around 6 months ago, and since then have a fixed retainer (wire at the back of the teeth) as well as wear essix retainers at night. 2 days ago one of the fixed retainers came away from the tooth at one end while flossing. I went to see my orthodontist who rebonded it to the tooth. However now when I put the essix retainer in, I get a lot of pain. I'm wondering whether I need a new essix retainer? I'm assuming either my teeth moved slightly, or the extra bonding agent is causing the fit to be slightly different. Should I wear the essix retainers for now whilst I wait to see my orthodontist again? I'm worried that the fixed retainer is trying to keep my teeth in one position whilst the essix retainers are trying to keep them in slightly different position, hence the pain...

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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Re: Pain with essix retainer after fixed retainer rebonded

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Yes, you may need to get the Essix remade or possibly adjusted. Call your ortho. When that happened to me my ortho told me to stop wearing the Essix for a week before coming in to make a new one.

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