So one notices!

If you have finished with your orthodontic treatment and are wearing retainers (or will be soon), this is a special place to connect with others in your (enviable) situation. Ask a question or make a comment about life post-braces.

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So one notices!

#1 Post by dantocanada »

I've had my braces off for just over 8 weeks now. In all that time, only one person has noticed (without my bringing it up) that I got my braces off. I usually wait at least 30 minutes or so before I say anything just to see if they will first. But, sadly, they just don't realize it.

It really is amazing how much we obsess and worry over this experience when it is so obvious that no one even notices it. I've had more comments about getting my hair cut in the past then I have had about having my braces removed!

Anyone with similar experiences?

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Re: So one notices!

#2 Post by Jethro »

I had pretty much the same experience. After wearing braces for 2 1/2 years (with elastics all over the place), only ONE person noticed that they had been removed without being Oddly, people seemed to notice my upper Hawley retainer (while in full-time wear) more than the braces.

Previously, a good friend who had seen me on numerous occasions, didn't even notice for 6 months that I had braces until his daughter pointed it out.

P.S. Congrats on your excellent results!

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Re: So one notices!

#3 Post by ljms »

No one said anything to me when I got my braces on and no one said anything when I got them off. I don't care. I got braces for me, not them.

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Re: So one notices!

#4 Post by touchofhiddencharm »

Yeah i pretty much had to force the people around me to care. My BFF went with me to get them off. Other people just didn't notice. But they never commented much when I had them either so I guess they just didn't care. But that's why you have us here. We'd love to see your teeth and talk about them.

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Re: So one notices!

#5 Post by plugnickel69 »

Just because people don't say anything doesn't mean they don't notice -- either when you get them on or get them off.

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Re: So one notices!

#6 Post by Zonda »

I had a similar thing when I had mine fitted, I had to tell people! I get them off on November 3rd so will see if people comment.

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Re: So one notices!

#7 Post by nitro »

Congrats on getting them off! I think a lot of (most even) people now notice your awesome smile but don't say anything to avoid potential awkwardness the might think could arise. But like others have said, you got them for you and now you have a lifetime of reaping the benefits!

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Re: So one notices!

#8 Post by djspeece »

I've had a few people notice and comment, but it was not the overwhelming recognition that I thought would come. I'm not disappointed in that of course, since I did it for me and not others, but still...

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Re: So one notices!

#9 Post by teeebeee »

Every one noticed here cos I've been grinning like a loon at them all! :wink:

T xx

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Re: So one notices!

#10 Post by dantocanada »

So I'm now 4 months without braces. A few days ago, a colleague and I were in a heated discussion when all of a sudden he stops what he's saying mid-sentence and asks me when I got my braces off. When I told him "July", he admits he never noticed. Amazing!

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