Bonded Retainer vs. Removable

If you have finished with your orthodontic treatment and are wearing retainers (or will be soon), this is a special place to connect with others in your (enviable) situation. Ask a question or make a comment about life post-braces.

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Bonded Retainer vs. Removable

#1 Post by 28andbraced »

Hi there, everyone!

My braces are coming off on March 26 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and my orthodontist mentioned a permanent bonded retainer at my last appointment. I didn't realize that was an option--I assumed I would be getting one of the trays, and my ortho assumed that I would be getting the bonded type. :roll: Does anyone here have any experience with a permanent retainer, and if so, would you recommend that route? My ortho was kind enough to show me hers and mentioned that she uses a WaterPik to keep it clean, so I know there will be extra maintenance involved. I just can't decide if that is worth the trade-off of having to remember to wear the removable one (and risk forgetting and ruining my teeth) and deal with the awkwardness of eating, etc. with the tray. Your input is very much appreciated!

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Re: Bonded Retainer vs. Removable

#2 Post by plugnickel69 »

The permanent bonded will keep your teeth in place!
It's extra work for the ortho, so evidently many don't do them.
It's extra work for the patient as flossing is more difficult.
I have them upper and lower and they are no problem for me.
Many orthos will have still have you wear an upper and maybe a lower Essix 24/7 at first and then at night -- in my opinion a small price to pay for to keep everything straight after all the work of having brace.

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Re: Bonded Retainer vs. Removable

#3 Post by gramma2xander »

I have removable hawleys, love them, and every things still in place.

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Re: Bonded Retainer vs. Removable

#4 Post by jem »

I agree with Plugnickel. A bonded retainer is no great trouble to keep clean and is very reassuring to have. I also wear a hawley at night which takes any strain off the bonded retainer and means that my teeth are kept in place even if the bonded retainer fails without me noticing.

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Re: Bonded Retainer vs. Removable

#5 Post by cs2thecox »

I have both!
I have bonded retainers on my front 6 teeth, top and bottom, plus Essix-type retainers (like Invisalign) to wear at night too.

I do wear my Essixs most of the time, but because of having the bonded ones too, I don't always take the Essixs if I go on business for a few days or something.

I've been out a couple of months now, and all good so far!

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Re: Bonded Retainer vs. Removable

#6 Post by kittenpoint »

I have both as well
My upper bonded retainer is just to keep the gap closed between my front 2 teeth and it's not really that hard to take care of, just need to get a floss threader. It doesn't take much more time to floss once you get used to it but it does help to start with the bonded teeth first then floss the rest. You can also get a Waterpik but you should still floss around the bonded retainer.
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Re: Bonded Retainer vs. Removable

#7 Post by msw »

28andbraced - I'm getting my braces off on March 26, too!!! 8:50am to be exact!

My ortho hasn't discussed retainers with me yet. I'm going to ask for a bonded retainer and Essix retainers. This is my second time in braces, and I want to do everything I can to avoid round 3.

11 more days!!!


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Re: Bonded Retainer vs. Removable

#8 Post by mapleleafman888 »

I have upper and lower bonded retainers and they are not really even noticeable, eating is fine, talking is fine. I also have the essix retainer for the top arch and it's not bad at all either. You get used of talking with it in quite fast.

The cleaning part is pretty easy too, give your mouth a vigorous swish with some warm water or mouthwash and that clears most of what needs to be cleared away, and brushing is pretty standard too, just make sure to change the angle so the bristles can sneak under the wire. Cleaning bonded retainers are way easier than cleaning braces so you should be fine.

Congrats on the removal date too! I just got mine of on March 11.
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Re: Bonded Retainer vs. Removable

#9 Post by samoorelaw »

I have two wraparound Hawleys and a "permanent" retainer on the bottom teeth. I think both are necessary in the beginning given how mobile your teeth are the first year post-braces removal. Eventually the bonding will come loose, at which point you can decide if you wish to keep the permanent, as it is a bit of a pain to floss with it.
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