Were you nervous to be debanded?

If you have finished with your orthodontic treatment and are wearing retainers (or will be soon), this is a special place to connect with others in your (enviable) situation. Ask a question or make a comment about life post-braces.

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Re: Were you nervous to be debanded?

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It hurts. I had the metal damons with 6 clear on the top. The molars were fine but the incisors hurt a bit. Lots of pressure. The clear brackets were bad getting off. They broke up when my ortho tried to break them off and he was working on those teeth most of the time.

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Re: Were you nervous to be debanded?

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I wasn't nervous until they actually got started doing it. I don't remember it hurting the first time I got debanded, but this time sure did! My teeth are sensitive to cold, so the polish and the vibration from the tools to get the glue off was extremely uncomfortable for me. Removing the brackets wasn't bad at all, neither were the impressions.

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Re: Were you nervous to be debanded?

#18 Post by Jason245 »

Not Nervous..

That being said, that tool they used to get the glue off.. OMG, I didn't know I had sensitive teeth until that moment. at least 8 of my teeth are sensitive to those vibrations and I felt more pain in those few minutes than my entire treatment combined...

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Re: Were you nervous to be debanded?

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Got debonded today. No one warned me that ceramic brackets can make a crunching sound when they get popped off. I knew it wasn’t my teeth, but it sure sounded like it! Lower incisors hurt the most, the rest weren’t too bad. Cold air from the glue buffing tool was iffy in some places but the assistant was very gentle.

I’m not fond of my Essix retianers, I feel like only one inner bump of my very last back molar touches anything and it’s driving me batty. They said they will try to rush my Hawley's.

Going in I was nervous, wondering “what if we forgot to fix something?” Ortho said that was normal and he congratulated me for my new spectacular smile. :D

I did share a packet of fruit snacks with my kid afterward. First gummy anything I’ve had in 18 months.
Braces for 18 months/4 days.


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Re: Were you nervous to be debanded?

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