Teeth shifting after braces

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Teeth shifting after braces

#1 Post by Aziz290 »

:( So I got my braces off 3 weeks ago and my teeth were amazing, but over the last week the two teeth at either side of front teeth have been shifting back quite a bit and it has become noticeable over the last few days.

I've actually been wearing my retainer pretty much 24/7 this last week because of autumn break which makes it weird seen as my teeth starting shifting when I was wearing them non stop. So my teeth are not shifting because i'm not wearing my retainer.

I'm going back to orthodontist next month for checkup type thing to see how everything is after braces removal. Do you think this issue will be fixed and do you think it willonly be able to be fixed with braces? btw do you think he (my orthodontist) will blame me and say it because I'm not wearing my retainer or something

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Re: Teeth shifting after braces

#2 Post by phasesofbeauty »

What type of retainer do you have?
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Re: Teeth shifting after braces

#3 Post by Snowglobe32 »

Your teeth may just be settling into their new place.

How does the retainer feel when you put it on? Is it tight, loose?

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Re: Teeth shifting after braces

#4 Post by binx »

Let your dentist know you're wearing your retainer. I would wear it 24/7 if I were you, for now. But definitely call if you're worried.

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