Sneezing with retainers...not a good combination for me

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Sneezing with retainers...not a good combination for me

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Can I say that I really dislike fall allergies? The last couple weeks I've been sneezing quite frequently. Several times, I've had those sneezes that were so powerful that I've literally sneezed my retainers out of my mouth. It happened when I got them last year too. Most of the time, I catch them (yuck), but sometimes I miss or they bounce off my hand. The retainers fit snugly typically but the sneezes are quite powerful. Have you ever had to search for a small clear retainer in carpet, in the grass, in a car, across the room? Sneezes can go far and the retainers can ricochet. It's crazy, but I've had the retainers for a year now and they actually made me a 'spare' pair last year in case I couldn't find one that I lost when I sneezed. Getting on my hands and knees to feel through the carpet for a retainer has to be funny for others watching. I'm a grown adult and I feel weird about possibly losing a retainer that easily.

Edit: I guess I should share my retainers only cover my front 8 upper and lower so they are smaller than the full arch ones.

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