Getting chewing gum off essix retainers

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Getting chewing gum off essix retainers

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Does anyone have any advise how to get gum that has stuck off of an Essix retainer? Yes I know I know why am I chewing gum with my retainer on in the first place? It's actually nicorette gum, I usually take my retainer off to chew the gum the initially, but since my relapse treatment requires me to wear it almost full time, I usually put the retainer back in after a few minutes, and place the gum between my cheeks (which is how you are suppose use nicorette), but sometimes some of it sticks to the outside surface of the retainer. Hot water would probably help but as you know you can't put essix retainer in hot water or they misshapen.

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Re: Getting chewing gum off essix retainers

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Oh no :( Ive never had an essix retainer but I had a hawley when I was younger and chewed gum with it in like a dummie! whoops! If I remember correctly I think I just soaked it in denture cleaner and it came off. Maybe had to scrub with a toothbrush a little. (I know the toothbrush isn't a great thing to use with essix either.) Definitely don't use hot water. Try soaking it in denture or retainer cleaner. Maybe that'll work. Good luck! Maybe someone will have a better answer than me! Happy Turkey Day!


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Re: Getting chewing gum off essix retainers

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You can try putting ice on the gum, it should make it easier to get off.

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Re: Getting chewing gum off essix retainers

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Rubbing alcohol or vodka might work. I've used vodka to remove the sticky left over from stickers and price tags.
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