Which retainer to go for?

If you have finished with your orthodontic treatment and are wearing retainers (or will be soon), this is a special place to connect with others in your (enviable) situation. Ask a question or make a comment about life post-braces.

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Which retainer to go for?

#1 Post by Angel21 »

I'm having a hard time deciding which retainer to go for. Ideally I would like a clear removable option (Essix or Vivera), after having braces for so long, I want to show off my smile with no wires. However I've heard some negative things about these retainers, such as not being good for the bite. Now to the Hawley.. I don't like the idea of my palette (roof of the mouth) being covered in any way, I've also heard how people sound with these retainers and I really don't want to have a bad lisp :( also heard of people vomiting with these? Yikes! Sounds like there are equal pros and cons to all types.

Oh and don't get me started on the permanent ones! Hate the idea of having wires permanently on my teeth for life, plus behind the teeth where my tongue will keep rubbing on (I always rub the back of my teeth with my tongue). Although I realise my teeth will probably move as they have been set into a certain position for so many years... And orthos have suggested I get this "for aslong as I want my teeth straight". But I'd rather wear a removable one every night for the rest of my life than this!

Which would you say has been the best for you and why? Or should I rephrase that to which has been the least annoying? Detailed answers will be highly appreciative. Thank you :)

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Re: Which retainer to go for?

#2 Post by jem »

I think with hawley retainers that people get used to them quickly and any lisp soon disappears. As to possible vomiting, that should only be an issue for people with a very sensitive gagging reflex. If you have coped with having impressions taken, I can't imagine that a hawley would cause you to gag.

I will be having a permanent retainer when I have my brace removed next month. I appreciate that permanent retainers are something which some people will be happy with and others not. Personally, I welcome the fact that I will not need to apply any self discipline to wear my retainer 24/7. I will also have a removable retainer to wear at night as back up.That will probably be an essix, but I may ask for a hawley.

I will be interested to see the responses you get as to which retainer is thought to be best and why.

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Re: Which retainer to go for?

#3 Post by jrm »

I would say the hawley for sure. Its by farmost comfortable

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Re: Which retainer to go for?

#4 Post by 200books »

I have a permanent bonded retainer for the lowers and Hawley for the uppers. I absolutely love the permanent retainer! I cannot even tell it's there. Flossing it is similar to having braces, but it's only five spaces. I did have a small lisp the first day with the Hawley, but now, on my fourth day, you can barely tell a difference in my speech. I have been singing a lot in the car to help practice pronouncing words correctly. I do have a hard time saying, "Thank you." The "y" on the you doesn't come out so I have started saying, "Thanks." The first night in the Hawley was strange. Having something on the roof of your mouth while sleeping felt weird; however, last night was my third night, I did not even notice it was there. I really woke up this morning and had to touch it with my tongue to make sure it was still there. I am really pleased with both of my retainers and surprised by how quickly I have adjusted to the Hawley. :HugeGrin: I was also surprised by how thin the wire on the Hawley is. I don't even notice the wire on my teeth.

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Re: Which retainer to go for?

#5 Post by Liz2013 »

Having had both, I'd go for Hawley because they last longer and were more comfortable.
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Re: Which retainer to go for?

#6 Post by Toddbullock »

I have only had experience with the Hawley retainer. I was able to speak normally after just a couple days so it was very easy to get used to. It is very comfortable and I don't even notice I am wearing it, so having my palette covered does not bother me at all. The wire is very thin and is hardly noticeable.

I have heard many more complaints about Essix and permanent retainers than Hawley retainers so you may want to try those first and see how you like them.

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Re: Which retainer to go for?

#7 Post by Matilda »

Hawley, probably.

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