Bonding 4 front teeth together and essix retainer

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Bonding 4 front teeth together and essix retainer

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Hello everyone
I'm onto the last wire now and hoping to get my braces off in the next 6 weeks or so. We are just trying to tweak one tooth really.
I commented about how I'd noticed a small gap in between my two front teeth reappear slowly over the last month. The Dentist said not to worry as he was planning on bonding my top 4 teeth together permanently and also using a vacuum retainer (Essix)? Does this mean there will be no gap? Or just that it won't get any bigger? I know bonding a permanent retainer at the back is to stop the front 4 teeth from moving but just wondering if they actually fill the gap too as I read that some people actually get cosmetic bonding done (not necessarily as part of wearing braces). I would prefer not to have the gap if poss.

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Re: Bonding 4 front teeth together and essix retainer

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I think he means using the permanent retainer to pull and hold together the teeth. I wouldn't want a gap either, you should ask just to be sure of his intent.
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