Edge-to-edge bite after braces.

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Edge-to-edge bite after braces.

#1 Post by unsatisfied »

Hello all.

I went through two years of braces when I was 18-20. I had moderate crowding on the bottom teeth and the same at the top. In addition, tooth number 6 (that is, the canine on the right side of the top of my mouth) was in cross-bite. Additionally, my midline was quite a bit off to the left (on the top... the bottom was pretty good).

The orthodontist had several impacted molars extracted, and also had tooth number 5 extracted (that is, the last premolar on the right side, adjacent to number 6).

(Here's a chart for the unfamiliar, though I'm seeking the advice of an expert: sundds.files.wordpress (dot com) /2009/03/1.jpg)
NOTE: replace (dot com) with .com

Now my smile is almost perfect, except for an edge to edge bite that is slowly but surely destroying my teeth (especially my incisors).

I went back to ask him about this about a year after braces, and he was very defensive and belittling. His response was essentially that the fact that my smile LOOKS better now means that he did a good job. I asked him what about the future (e.g. in 10 years)... and he responded with a sarcastic nobody-knows-the-future attitude. In addition, my case photos have mysteriously disappeared from his website, as has my appointment history.

I have a few questions:

1. Was he right to extract the premolar?
2. Can this be fixed (see photos)?
3. How long will it take?
4. Will Invisalign work?
5. Is there any way I can make (legally) his office do the work, or (preferably) pay for it?
6. Naturally... what would this cost?

I think I have a legitimate claim here... my teeth are constantly grinding away at each other. It's uncomfortable, and makes me very upset. In ten years, I will need expensive corrective surgery.

Ideally, a new course of correction could push teeth 2, 3 and 4 back (1 was extracted, and 4 is currently where 5 used to be). After a gap is made in 5's spot, I'd like to put an implant in. Is this possible? Is there a better, non-implant solution? Or...

Is this even an issue? Will the edge-to-edge bite really destroy my teeth over time?

And at last.... the photos. You can view my bite before braces, my retainer now, and photos of my current bite. I can't get any photos of the treatment, because my orthodontist (seemingly) deleted them once I brought attention to the matter.

Link to photos: img148.imageshack (dot us) /g/1002082q.jpg/
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Thanks so much!

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Re: Edge-to-edge bite after braces.

#2 Post by unsatisfied »

Nobody can offer any insight?

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Re: Edge-to-edge bite after braces.

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it isnt letting me view the pictures when I enter the URL (and replace the dot us with the actual ending) My browser isnt recognizing it as an actual link :( Try posting the link again.
It isn't too uncommon to only extract one premolar but they usually do one on both sides if they do one to keep the midline consistent. Orthodontists usually have their reasons for whatever they do..
Did you have a problem with bruxism before the braces that you know of? If so then there isn't much they can do about the alignment that will make you stop and you'd probably have to get a night guard. I wish I could see the pictures. Do you know if there was some kind of jaw surgery involved in your treatment plan that you just opted not to get? Sometimes your teeth can be correctly aligned but if your jaw isn't you can still have that traumatic type of bite. Have you asked your general dentist their opinion?

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Re: Edge-to-edge bite after braces.

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Hello unsatisfied,

You are asking very specific medical and legal questions relative to your situation. You stated in your post that "...I'm seeking the advice of an expert". Most forum members, myself included, are ortho patients and may not be qualified to answer your questions.

FWIW, I viewed your photos and observed your edge-to-edge bite. I know there has been at least one forum member who opted to extract a lower central incisor to create enough space to retract the lower teeth sufficient to establish a normal overjet. Others have opted for a surgical solution. Perhaps a consultation with the appropriate medical/legal professionals could give you the definitive answers you seek. I wish you the best.

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Re: Edge-to-edge bite after braces.

#5 Post by unsatisfied »

Thank you both for the replies.

I'm hoping surgery won't be necessary. I had an overbite before braces, so can't it be brought back with braces?

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Re: Edge-to-edge bite after braces.

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Maybe some type of elastic configuration can be used to treat it. Best advice I can give it to consult with a few different ortho's and go with whoever you feel most comfortable with.

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