Length of treatment quoted and actual treatment length

If you have finished with your orthodontic treatment and are wearing retainers (or will be soon), this is a special place to connect with others in your (enviable) situation. Ask a question or make a comment about life post-braces.

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#31 Post by almost50 »

I was told 2 years give or take a couple months. Just debraced yesterday at 23 months. I was actually ready to be debraced 3 months ago, but there was a misunderstanding that resulted in additional work.

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#32 Post by Donna »

My original estimate was 12 - 18 months. They came off at 14 months.

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#33 Post by Wireless »

I'm going over by several months. Initially, I was told 18 months with regular braces. However, due to some pre-existing conditions and other problems, I ended up with Invisalign and it looks like I'm going well over 2 years. My age is also probably a factor - I'm now 60.

The good news is we avoided any major problems with the pre-existing conditions and my case, though complex, is going in the right direction with comparable results from Invisalign that was expected from regular braces.

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#34 Post by kilikena311 »

I was told 18 months and mine came off at 17 months :D

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#35 Post by felicia »

I was quoted 2 years +- 6 months.
I will be done in less than 14 months.

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#36 Post by Margie »

My estimated time was 1 year, I got my debanding date at my last appointment, so I will be getting them off after 17 months. I will have gone over my estimated time by about 5 months.

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#37 Post by Regality101 »

I was quoted 18 months and now it has been 4 years and I am going straight into invisalign.

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Re: Length of treatment quoted and actual treatment length

#38 Post by koffymasheen »

I was quoted 2 years, and got them off this morning nearly 3 months early - 21 months. Woo!!
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Re: Length of treatment quoted and actual treatment length

#39 Post by evilnel »

I was quoted 12 months and spent 13 months in braces. I expected it to be closer to 16 or 18 in reality, so I was quite pleased!

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Re: Length of treatment quoted and actual treatment length

#40 Post by loz876 »

My initial prediction was 18 months... it's been 29 :( debrace next month though :D
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Re: Length of treatment quoted and actual treatment length

#41 Post by Laney'sBraces »

I'm neverrrgetting my braces off....
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Re: Length of treatment quoted and actual treatment length

#42 Post by Takako »

Well I've posted in here before, but it was a while ago. My estimate was 24 months/2 years. We're getting close to that date (february!) and my ortho seems happy. I'M not, but hopefully an impromptu consult at the end of Decmber will kick things into place :evil: I think, aside from 2 issues that I have no idea how long it will take to fix, that I am actually ready to be debraced come march-ish.

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