Length of treatment quoted and actual treatment length

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Length of treatment quoted and actual treatment length

#1 Post by tasha89 »

Were there any dramatic differences in the treatment time quoted by your orthodontist and the actual time?

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#2 Post by starzz »

Yes. My teeth are just slow to move. Originally estimated 1.5 years, hoping to finish by 3 years. I think my ortho is great and I've been cooperative so no blame either way. Of course it's disappointing but I'm happy I can get there eventually.

Some lucky people finish early. Realize the time they tell you is just their best estimate and I guess it must be right on average. Biological factors which influence speed of movement vary from person to person.
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#3 Post by Maria83 »

Hi tasha89. I had started a similar thread some time ago and you can find a variety of answers here:

http://archwired.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.p ... highlight=

I 've been one of the lucky ones, I finished in less that 10 months when I was given a timeframe of 14-15 months. On my first adjustment, the ortho commented that we would go well as my teeth had made significant movement. Then again, I 've read posts of others that said that it took 2-3 months for them to see any difference but they still got their braces off on time.

I wish you the shortest treatment possible, with the greatest results of course :D !


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#4 Post by Bellalalala »

I'm not done yet, but I was quoted over a year and will likely be done in 8 months.

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#5 Post by browneyedgrl »

My estimate was for 12 months and went 17 months. My teeth were stubborn.

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#6 Post by haywire »

i think it would be better if you say a few words about your treatment, what was the problem, stuff like that

i didnt get an estimate, she just told me at the first consultation that the usual treatment lasts for 2 years
i should ask her for an estimate on mine, but i'm scared of the answer :)
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#7 Post by Teagan »

i was quoted 24-27 months and it took 2 years, 6 months. I just got mine off today!

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#8 Post by KimC »

I was originally estimated at 24 months and will be getting mine off next Friday @ 25.5 months.

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hurry up and move

#9 Post by jambo532 »

well my ortho gave me a really rough estimate. He said between 18-24+ months. He said with adults it's hard to put a specific time on it. I have had mine on for a month and have seen lots of movement. I am hoping that I wll get done in 18 months or sooner... I'm impatient.
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Re: Length of treatment quoted and actual treatment length

#10 Post by MrMetalMouth1029 »

tasha89 wrote:Were there any dramatic differences in the treatment time quoted by your orthodontist and the actual time?
I was estimated for 18-24 months, then downgraded to 18 and was finally debraced just short of 17 months. I have to reward my teeth for being good to me, lol 8)
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#11 Post by ariel86 »

The ortho said 1 year. I was braced apr.16 2007 and debraced apr.18 2008!! very precise!!

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#12 Post by Flaka »

I went for my adjustment today and I was pretty much told to add about 8 months more to my treatment. Original estimate; 24-30 months (I'm almost 2 years in) so that will be 38 months.
My teeth have been moving very slow plus I had/have a very bad crossbite....I don't mind waiting longer, but it is just dissapointing.

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#13 Post by catfish »

Mine went about 8 months longer than estimated. I think it was because of the delay/indecision about an extraction. By the time I had the extraction, I was near the end of my estimated treatment time. So it took longer while the gap closed. It was worth the wait, though!
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#14 Post by Bekah »

I was originally told 18-24 months. I am just over the 2 year mark now. We are hoping they come off soon.
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#15 Post by Takako »

I was told two years, and started last Jan/Feb. I asked my ortho this February how things were going since it felt like nothing had been achieved in the past few months and she said I was right on schedule at the half way mark! So I've got less than a year left as of right now. Also, at my most recent appointment, I'd been scheduled for a simple re-do of my powerchain, but the assistant I have is very attentive and called over the ortho. Voila! I moved on to the next step of treatment: tooth rotation!

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