Bottom Teeth Shifting due to Wisdom teeth.

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Re: Bottom Teeth Shifting due to Wisdom teeth.

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I posted this elsewhere but it applies here as well:

why do teeth relapse

Because you are a living organism that ages and changes.

Your facial muscles get tighter and less pliable -- anyone getting wrinkles
Your teeth also have a natural migration forward.

So you have your facial muscles pushing inward & your teeth pushing forward against an arch shaped object with multiple individual pieces. What is going to give? The position of those individual pieces (i.e. the teeth) is what gives.

If you can figure out a way to stop aging your teeth wont move(after 1 year of retainer wear), you wont get wrinkles, your eyesight wont fail, your hearing wont fail, etc.

Your teeth are just one part of a changing organism so every system has to battle the effects of those changes.
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