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If you have finished with your orthodontic treatment and are wearing retainers (or will be soon), this is a special place to connect with others in your (enviable) situation. Ask a question or make a comment about life post-braces.

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#16 Post by ariel86 »

Maybe your son's friends were given bonded retainers so they dont feel like they have something to care about like removable retainers, then they say they don't have retainers? I don't think it is possible to not get a retainer after treatment.

As for the lenght of the 24/7 wear period, everyone seems to have a different one. I think we need to judge by ourselves, if you get a 2 weeks of 24/7 wear, and after it's just nightly but you realise your teeth are moving during the day, maybe you should do a few more weeks of 24/7 until you get some kind of stability?

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#17 Post by brendap27 »

I agree with your thoughts on the 24/7 wearing of the retainers. When I had braces for the first time, I don't remember how long I was told to wear it 24/7, but I do recall that I wore it that way for a very long time - long after I was no longer even going back to the ortho for checkups. I recall that almost as soon as I took it out, my teeth wanted to move so that if I forgot it for a day, I would notice how tight and uncomfortable it was when I put it back in.

I had my braces in middle school and I seem to recall wearing it 24/7 for probably a couple of years and then I always slept in it. I actually continued to wear it at night even through college.

As far as the other kids not having retainers, I bet you're right. That might be why my son thinks they don't have retainers.

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#18 Post by SunnyO »

My ortho told me 24/7 for 6 months, then nightly forever. I had braces as a kid and wore my retainer for a couple of years. So 20 something years and one jaw surgery later, I will be doing exactly what my ortho says.

I have noticed that the first month after being debraced, if I removed my retainer for an hour or so, I felt very tight when I put it back in my mouth. Now it's been about 4 months and I don't have that same sensation if I take it out for an hour or so for dinner or something. I guess my teeth are settling into place. All I know is I don't want a 3rd time around in braces, so I will sleep in these things forever!

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#19 Post by Tinkerbelle »

brendap27 wrote:
As far as the other kids not having retainers, I bet you're right. That might be why my son thinks they don't have retainers.
I also agree that your son's friend probably had an orthodontist that did a cement bonding for a permanent retainer on the kid. My friend had that done to him because he didn't want to mess around with a retainer since he knew better than to trust himself to be responsible for wearing it. Also, he was newly married so he didn't want to have the awkwardness of taking and keeping a retainer at nighttime. He opted for the permanent retainer and other than 1-2 days of getting used to it on the back of his lower teeth, everything has been fine. He did break it once during a summer BBQ when he was devouring a delicious rib, but he went back in and got it fixed and everyone had a good laugh.

I have always been told that you should wear your retainers the first 6 months for 24/7 and then nightly after that.

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#20 Post by TigerLily »

Another week to go till I'm debraced, yay! I will have bonded retainers top and bottom and essix-style retainers top and bottom to wear at nights for a year, but I will try and wear them more e.g. when I'm at home.

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#21 Post by anastasia »

I was actually told I could wear them only at night from day 1, but that I should pay attention to how tight they felt and consider wearing them during the day too in the beginning.

I ended up typically wearing them every night and part of the daytime (when most convenient), say 16 hours on average. I did this for about six months before I opted for a new round with invisalign refinements. My teeth did not shift in this period, but they didn't really settle either.

I have a friend that had braces about 6 years ago, and he says his retainer still can feel tight. But he only wears it at night, and not even every night.

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#22 Post by jxds »

I was told to wear the essix for 6 months 24/7 and then switch to nightwear. I'm not the best retainer wearer ever, though!

Oh, I've got a lower bonded retainer as well.
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#23 Post by dramaqueendaisy »

I had my braces removed last Monday and permanent retainers fitted there and then, top and bottom. Then I had Essix retainers on Wednesday and I've been told to wear them 24/7 for two weeks then just at night. The top ones especially are difficult to wear and it's so annoying having to remove them to eat then brush your teeth before putting them back in...I must admit I have taken a few liberties already as I'm on holiday but am determined to be extra good when I get home next week and will probably wear them during the day for longer than two weeks to be on the safe side! One thing that is really a pain is not being able to have hot drinks with them in... Or red wine! Not easy on holiday!!! Hence the liberty taking...!

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#24 Post by Phantom Muse »

As someone with Invisalign, TWO WEEKS of daily compliance sounds like a dream, not a hassle!

Congrats on moving forward in your treatment. I am looking forward to retainers... :D

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#25 Post by Rachel B »

My ortho said I should wear them at night but I have started wearing them 24/7 because the tops feel really tight if I don't wear my retainers for a day AND I seem to have a gap that opens up gradually the longer my retainers are off for.

I think we should decide!!! I sure as hell am not gonna let them shift back now - I don't care how long I have to wear them for!

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#26 Post by mihaelici »

I was told 3 months 24/7, except for my wedding day, and then at least 1 year during the night.

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#27 Post by weirdteeth »

I just had my 6 month retainer check appt today and was told I could start experimenting with leaving them out longer and longer until it felt comfortable to wear only at night. I was pretty consistent with my 24/7 wear for my initial 6 months. Half of me is thrilled to be retainer-free during the day, but the other half is scared to death to leave them out during the day!!

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#28 Post by Annie2009 »

My ortho said 24/7 for one week then switch to popping them in after dinner, wearing through the night until morning. I'm sticking with 24/7 for at least another week I think, everything still feels kinda 'weak'. I'm still cutting up sandwiches and eating with a knife and fork as I'm scared of biting into things!! :shock:

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#29 Post by Bekah »

I have never heard of anyone who didn't have a retainer after braces.

My ortho said when they come off, 24/7 for 6 months and nighttime wear after that.
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#30 Post by browneyedgrl »

My ortho recommended night-time wear only from day one. I have a lower bonded retainer as well.

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