goodbye braces :-D

If you have finished with your orthodontic treatment and are wearing retainers (or will be soon), this is a special place to connect with others in your (enviable) situation. Ask a question or make a comment about life post-braces.

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goodbye braces :-D

#1 Post by danish »

yes, today it happened. My braces were removed. All in all it took a couple of hours. First my bite turbos were removed. Then the bonded retainer were fixed on the inside of the lower and upper front teeth after which the brackets + wire were cut off. The worst part was the removal of the bonding material which was first scraped off and then drilled with a plastic drill. Finally molds were taken for the retainer that I will wear 3-6 months beginning next week. X-rays were also taken and everything looks good. No cavities!!!! :jump:

At this point my only worry is that my teeth will relapse into their former crookedness. So I'm actually looking forward to receiving my retainer next week so the stabilizing can begin.

As much as I'm happy that I decided to undergo this treatment there is absolutely no way that I'm going to do it again! But one should never say never... Hehe.

Here are some pics taken today a few hours after debonding:



Finally the journey has come to an end. I want to thank everyone here on forum for being so supportive and open when things were not going so smooth in my treatment. I have had some issues along the way and your help has been very important to me. Thanks! :thumbsup:

All the best.

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total treatment time: 629 days

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#2 Post by Leelee »

Your teeth are gorg'!! And no cavities? You should get a cookie for with chocolate chunks. Mmm. Congrats! 8)
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#3 Post by Beana803 »

WOW! They look awesome. You have come such a long way. Congrats!

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#4 Post by kayleighkelley »

Congrats your teeth look great!!!

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#5 Post by Zeppguy73 »

Congrats Danish,

Are your bonded retainers annoying? Do they affect your speech?

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#6 Post by sarahlynn »

Your teeth look absolutely fantastic!! There are so many people lately who are getting them off - I'm totally jealous since my treatment has just begun :cry: That day for me seems way too far off into the distance.

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#7 Post by danish »

thx for your comments. I'm still high from the debonding. Hehe. It's SO weird to brush your teeth without all the metal. And I have got to learn to smile and show teeth.
I just hope that I will not relapse. Can't wait to get that retainer eventhough I will probably speak like a person with a speech impediment (no offence).

Zeppguy73: bonded retainer does not affect speech. You sort of notice it with your tongue, but my ortho explained that after some days I won't notice it anymore. Hell, after 629 days with train tracks in your mouth I guess you can get used to anything, no? hehe.

sarahlynn: I know the feeling. Reading about people who got their braces off when I was still en route. I'll promise that you will get there too. So stay busy with activities and you'll see... time WILL fly!

metal braces on: 4 Oct 2007
Tx for: crowding
debonded on: 24 Jun 2009

total treatment time: 629 days

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#8 Post by Zeppguy73 »

Thanks for the info Danish. After doing some research, I'm not really worried about the retainer anymore. I think I can put up with it for the 6 months or so, my ortho has recommended it.

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goodbye braces :-D

#9 Post by PatJ »

Danish, your teeth look great. I've been following your whole journey as your story was very similar to mine, crooked teeth top and bottom, extract first premolars, closing gaps, etc. etc. You got your braces a month earlier than me so you have finished early and I'm very happy for you - and envious of course! I went to the ortho today and he won't confirm a deband date but assures me I am very close and that he doubts that my treatment will go beyond the 2 years (that will be 31st Oct) so the worst case is I have another 18 weeks to go, maybe less. I have a few stubborn black triangle gaps to close and have had IPR so we are down to the finishing touches. Like you I can't wait because I am well and truly over this! Pat

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#10 Post by browneyedgrl »


Your teeth look great!!!

Started the journey for the second time on January 10th 2008~Ceramic uppers and metal lowers. Removed on June 2nd 2009.


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#11 Post by jamie315 »

Congratulatins, your teeth absolutley amazing, you must be so proud, be sure to wear your retainers, its crucial. Again, congrats!

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#12 Post by Megan11 »

Danish! You made it! Your teeth look incredible. I bet you can't wait to hit the town and flash those pearly white straight teeth! Congrats!!!! :-)o :banana: :-)o

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#13 Post by Quirky Girl »

Congratulations!!! I hope that it doesn't take too long to get used to showing those pearly whites when you smile :D I envy you as I still have about 3 months left in my treatment. Your smile looks great and you should be proud to show it off. Congratulations and enjoy your new smile.

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#14 Post by Andromeda »

YAY! Congratulations Danish, I'm so excited for you after the long journey you have endured 8)

Hope everything is going well and you are enjoying being brace-free! I know I am, hehe.

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#15 Post by lala007 »

Question for ya............... How are you doing with the bonding retainer? Are you having any problems with flossing, food getting trapped etc...?

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