Braces off 2 months early, skeptical of results

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Braces off 2 months early, skeptical of results

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So I got my braces off last Tuesday... about 2 months early.... but I guess there wasn't much of a choice in that... because I was going to be out of town for 4 months..

I'm kind of disappointed because my bite seems off. It was alright when I first got them off.... but I was given plastic retainers to wear at night... and in the morning I barely have any tooth to tooth contact on the right side.

I'm also stupidly sad because I PROMISED myself I would tell him to LEAVE my canines alone, and not file them down, I liked that they were pointy. But my ortho said he was going to smooth out my incisors... I didn't think that mean't canines... and I didn't realize he was rounding off my pointy canines. ;{ I thought they were attractive. I wonder how long before I get over this... I mean my teeth look great, and no one else cares but me, I am so much more confident than I ever was before... but on the inside I am sad and I know if I had just told him to leave them alone, I wouldn't feel this stupid regret over it... and the only thing I'd have to worry about was that my bite is wonky.

Is the meshing of the teeth something that will settle on it's own? I won't be back home until March, so I can't have anythng done until then anyway...

*edit for pictures*

Image (before)

Image (after)

As you can see... I probably shouldn't even be complaining... :oops:

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#2 Post by Cinnamon »

As far as looks go - your teeth look great! If you are having issues with your bite I would definitely talk to your ortho. It doesn't hurt to wait a week & see how you feel when you've become used to your bite. I'm so sorry that your ortho took off part of your canines - I understand that feeling of disappointment and frustration. Some orthos are very comfortable filing away tooth - but dang it once it's gone it's gone :x ! Once again, your teeth look wonderful and if your bite continues to feel weird you should go see your ortho. Congratulations on being debanded!!!

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I'm sorry that your canines were filed, ouch! Mine are pointy and I kind of like them too.

Your teeth really do look great. If you have worries, about your bite, perhaps you could give your ortho's office a call? Maybe they could refer you to another ortho, someone close to where you live, for a check-up?

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