If you have finished with your orthodontic treatment and are wearing retainers (or will be soon), this is a special place to connect with others in your (enviable) situation. Ask a question or make a comment about life post-braces.

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Tin Indian
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I'm naked and have been streaking since Monday at 10:oo am.
Braces on 9/01/2006- Braces off 4/14/08

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congratulations! I bet it feels great!

SDFD TSchott
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Adjustment Sept 14th, 2018
Braces back on August 06, 2018
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Well done. So how much chocolate did they touch you for?

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Congrats! I bet it feels great!!!!!!!!

Tin Indian
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:D :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
Zondrae: Thank-you! It feels great and I'm still smiling!
Tim: Thank-you!
Linda21: Thanks Linda, the feeling is mutual! Pics- I'll take them soooon.
Lionfish: I brought in a tray of PB/Choc fudge. They went nuts for it!
islandbabe715; thank-you!
Denise: GEE! I really forgot about this post myself and forgot to THANK EVERYONE!
I was going to reply to everyone once I got the retainers and I plum forgot.Thanks for the remind. Things are going marvelous. I got a Hawley for up top and a bonded for the bottom.
As for the wife : she's happy I did the braces thing and kissing is really a lot easier. She said my teeth really didn't look that bad to start with but she was really pleased with the results. I thinks shes a tad bit jealous cause my teeth look better than hers. She wants a nice smile too but she is to fraidy cat to go to the ortho. she said she doesn't have enough teeth as she had a bunch removed when she was a teen cause she has such a small mouth.
As far as pics linda and Denise: I'll take some soon and post them here and in the stories. I 'am so happy with my smile its hard to put down the mirror and pick up the camera!
Cheers- T.I.
Braces on 9/01/2006- Braces off 4/14/08

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Congrats! I am so jealous!!

1/17/07 - Upper (Clear) & Lower (Metal - self ligatating) Braces
Estimated treatment time = 30-36 months

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