What happens after Debanding?

If you have finished with your orthodontic treatment and are wearing retainers (or will be soon), this is a special place to connect with others in your (enviable) situation. Ask a question or make a comment about life post-braces.

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What happens after Debanding?

#1 Post by Scott19 »

I finally get my braces off after 2 years of being braced, In two days i will be getting debanded and am wondering what i should be looking forward to?

The ortho said that i will be getting an Essix retainer, so will he take molds that day and i'll receive the retainer at what point? i also am supposed to be getting a whitening in my plan and i imagine that will most likely be the same day as the debanding?

Also if there is anything else that i should prepare for let me know :D thanks

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#2 Post by Chris »

Be prepared to see a nice smile looking back in the mirror at you. :D

The best part for me was brushing my naked teeth! Flossing a breeze!

I got into the habit while in braces to brush my teeth after every meal and snack and to date I'm still doing it now.

Be prepared to remember to take your retainer case with you every time you leave the house (I have a second case in the car).

If you get essix retainers, DO NOT forget to take them out when you drink your HOT liquids (coffee, tea, etc.) or they may warp. Its easy to forget you have those essix retainers in sometimes. :wink: The retainers should be ready for you within a week or two.
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#3 Post by TimSeattle »

Like Chris, I have two plastic retainer containers, one for one and one to carry with me. Ditto on the hot liquids--don't drink any while wearing your Essix. I got my retainer two days after deband, a quicker tat then some orthodontists. There easy to wear and cleaning your teeth is a breeze. I am still religious about brushing after every meal, and I now floss twice daily because it is easier (I flossed well once a day when braced). Best to you on your deband and retainer...Tim
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#4 Post by Nikkiekoala »

I was debanded a week and half ago. I never heard of a whitening being included in the process. At least I didn't get a whitening. You do however get your teeth polished after they get the glue off. Your teeth will feel really big and slimy but that feeling goes away after awhile. If you get an Essix retainer you may get your retainer that day. My Ortho does the retainers in his office. It took about 25 mins. and they were ready. I have a hawley on the bottom, that had to be sent out to be made, it was ready two days later.
You will be able to enjoy eating again without the worry of something stuck in your braces. You'll love being able to brush and floss your teeth without braces. Most of all you will have a wonderful smile that makes you feel it was all worth it!
Good luck.

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