New Hawleys Retainer

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New Hawleys Retainer

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Hey everyone,

I’ve gotten off my invisalign a year ago, I’ve been using Essix retainers but they finally broke. I got a new set of Hawleys retainer, but they are pushing my front teeth forward, there is a gap now between one of my tooth. When I put the old broken Essix back on the gap closes and my teeth feels tight again. Can a Hawleys retainer be adjusted? Should I get new Essix retainers or have a new set of Hawleys made?

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Re: New Hawleys Retainer

#2 Post by djspeece »

My understanding is that they can be adjusted -- you've probably already Googled "Can Hawley retainers be adjusted," but would advise that you consult with your orthodontist -- I don't think this is a DIY project. Best of luck to you.

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Re: New Hawleys Retainer

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You should probably see your orthodontist and have the Hawley adjusted. I've been in a similar situation where my (transposed) lower left lateral incisor shifted a little bit and developed a slight gap between it and my 1st premolar, though it's not a very noticeable gap and my orthodontist was able to raise the wire on the left side so that now it's not applying as much pressure in that area (especially since I was told that not only are incisors more prone to shifting than canines, but also that apparently, my Hawley retainers were made with a thicker wire than normal).

I was also given the option to go back into active treatment using metal buttons and powerchains for a few months (with Essix retainers at night), but I declined as it was only a small, not very noticeable gap, plus I really didn't feel like having to go through active treatment once again and having to endure the pain of it once more.

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