Recent deband and tooth shifted, can Hawley correct this?

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Recent deband and tooth shifted, can Hawley correct this?

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I was debraced almost 8 weeks ago and had upper & lower Essix retainers before my Hawleys came in. After 2 weeks of exclusively wearing my Hawleys my upper right canine has moved slightly and shifted outward. One of my many goals with braces was to correct that exact tooth because it was sticking out.

When I wear my upper Essix I can feel my canine being pushed inward again. However I am reluctant to wear the Essix because it shifts my back molar and makes an unbearable contact between the top and bottom molars. Eventually the tooth settles and goes back into place but it’s an uncomfortable process.

I have an appointment in 2.5 weeks to adjust my Hawley but I’m wondering if bending or tweaking the wire is enough to shift my canine back into its correct position. Has anyone had experience with a Hawley being adjusted to reposition a tooth?

Thank you in advance.

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