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I read a post the other day regarding cost and what everyone in different regions were paying for their orthodontia. I'd decided prior to reading that post that I would just go for the regular metal braces because the other options were so cost prohibitive. I was quoted $5990 for 18 months in metal braces. I have a slight open bite and some minor crowding with my bottom teeth. This price includes all of my appointments and my retainer. I was thinking perhaps the reason for the much lower costs cited was due to the fact that their prices only included the braces.

Anyhow, I'd decided to call around to a couple of other reputable places in my area to get an idea if I was in the ballpark. When I called the first office, the woman was nice and said that she couldn't evaluate without seeing me and made an appointment (free!) to get a second opinion this morning. I did tell her who I was already seeing and she indicated that he was notorious for (*ahem* pardon my french) "screwing" his patients to help pay for his new practice.

I don't appreciate offices who badmouth others so I called yet another very reputable office and, since I wasn't going to make a third appointment, I told the receptionist the price I was quoted and asked how she felt about it. She said that it was the average for this area and that her price would be comparable.

Any thoughts on what I should do next? My teeth are important, but I don't want to pay thousands more for the same thing that I could get from someone just as qualified down the road.

Thanks! :?
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Meryaten wrote:By the way - I am slated for (the typical ;)) "18 - 24 months" and was quoted either $3600 or $5600, depending if I opted for the non-surgical or the surgical treatment plan (the higher price for the latter included changing out the brackets, since I wanted ceramic, but he wanted me in metals come surgery time and afterwards). Of course, weeny and meanie that I am, I am hoping to go the non-surgical route, since an extra $2k to the ortho, plus whatever the surgeon charges is not appealing, nor is the thought of the surgery itself! My costs do include records, all appliances during treatment, and one set of retainers. Oh, and they offer a 5% discount on the patient's part of the costs (my insurance ponied up $1500) for payment in full up front; I think a lot of offices offer similar schemes.
I am paying $5000 in the Washington, DC area for 18-24 months of Damon III's with Opals on top. Correcting severe crowding on top, moderate on bottom, 4mm overbite. Price also includes 1 set of retainers and follow up visits.

My kid's ortho whittled the price down until I regained contiousness and stopped screaming. My son's was $3,100 and my daugher was $2,800. Including retainers but NO FOLLOWUP appointments. Neither one of them had severe crowding or bite problems though. :dance:

I think my price is more common for this area. The kid's ortho was trying to make it easy on my wallet and I appreciate them SO MUCH for that! :-** :-** :-** AND will take my 3rd child to them when it's time....
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i am 15 years old. i just went for my first appoinment last friday. i'm going to get my impressions and xrays done sept, 8th. i'm getting my top braces sept 15th and my bottom sept 22. when i went friday my doc. told me that it will cost $3,200 and i will have my braces on for 36months. a little over 2 1/2 years. i didn't think that that is bad at all. and i am getting the medal braces with colerd bands. oh i live in the st.louis missouri area.

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Thanks, everyone, for your input. I discovered several additional drawbacks to going with the guy who did my second opinion. His price was actually only $400 less, but his treatment plan (without having taken any or seen any xrays?!) was just psychotic...and involved medieval torture methods.

Only my front teeth are out of place, but he wanted to put screws in my jaw to yank my otherwise-straight back teeth back into my jaw (they're not out of place or too far erupted or anything...)

Oh yeah...and I found out that my dentist (who referred me to option #1) had taken his three children to be braced by crazy-doc #2...and the ortho was shocked that he had not referred me to him in the first place. I guess the fact that my very reputable and trustworthy (did I mention FINE lookin'?) dentist of 15 years took his children there but wouldn't make the same mistake twice, speaks VOLUMES to me.

So...needless to say, I'm forkin' over the dough... :shock:
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Just a few other things to think about with fees...

First, ask what is included. There are offices in my general area that advertise how inexpensive the treatment is, but they fail to mention that they charge additional for the records and additional for retainers and follow up. Most offices quote a fee that is all inclusive, but some don't.

Secondly, ask who does the work. In some offices, the doctor just supervises more or less the work that is done and don't do much hands on work. I believe that the doctor should place all of the braces and bend all of the wires, not the assistants.

In my town, I have the highest fees but I do all of the work. For an adult $5000-7000 would be a common range for treatment. Higher near major metropolitan areas. I charge $5650 for adults and $4350 for adolescents. The most important decision should be who do you trust and less so about their fees. Good luck.


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I agree with Randall that it pays to check out what services are included in your treatment, who is performing the work, etc. Fees seem to be pretty standard within about a 20% range.

I also talked to my orthodontist extensively before committing to treatment, to discuss treatment goals and to get a sense of her style and whether it would fit my needs. Also, it helped to know that she instructed orthodontics students at the local university school of dentistry.

I've been in braces before as an adolescent, but braces and orthodontic treatment have made tremedous changes since then. For one thing, I was only advised to wear retainers for a limited time afterwards. This time, when the train tracks in my mouth are removed, I am wearing retainers full time for at least a year and frequently thereafter.

My primary reason for braces was functional, not cosmetic, to keep my teeth as long as possible. That aspect has worked well and I am pleased that my bite has been corrected. My orthodontist is on my side, knows my goals, and is pulling out all the tools from her orthodontics tool chest to accomplish them. She works hard and is proud of her good work!

I trust her, but I think it is very difficult when selecting health care professionals to find out enough to establish trust. This is especially so when one has had bad experiences, as I have had with a few general dentists (thankfully, I have a wonderfully competent, intelligent dentist now).

I would not be averse to paying a consultation fee to a dental professional for the opportunity to get to know them enough to decide if they are a good choice. Bad choices can have permanent consequences.
(Anyone who has read the book "The Whole Tooth" knows exactly what I mean)
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I live in New York, and am 27 years old. I have an overbite, with lots of crowding on top, and some crowding on the bottom. My health insurance doesn't cover braces, but it covered my 3 extractions.
My braces cost $4,800. I have clear on top, and metal on the bottom.

I've visited several other orthodontists prior to selecting my current orthodontist. I got referrals, and made sure he was registered. I was quoted alot higher by other ortho's, one was as high as $7,000. I guess it's because I live in New York.

However, in any event. Braces are expensive no matter where you go....

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I'm 17. Getting it done where I usually go to the dentists and got metal braces and a treatment time estimate of 2 and a half years to 3. The cost of it is $3560 Canadian.

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where do you get your braces done? and do you know if they offer invisalign? because I'm also from the lower mainland! thanks ahead of time!