Going in for second round of braces - new here!

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Going in for second round of braces - new here!

#1 Post by brazilianguy »

Hello everyone.

I'm a 27M brazilian and I'm currently undergoing ortho preparation and planning for jaw surgery.

I had braces for about seven years (15 - 22) and although they left my teeth pretty straight, my bite isn't really good. Also have a history of mouth breathing and severe undiagnosed sleep apnea.

Started using a CPAP right as covid hit, so I didn't feel comfortable trying to make surgery/ortho plans until things got better a couple months ago.

Initial planning involves either MARPE/SARPE and braces for 10-12m, maxilla advancement surgery and then braces for another 6-10 months for refinement.

Love the community you're building here and will definitely keep you guys posted on my process.

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Re: Going in for second round of braces - new here!

#2 Post by Dunnyet »

Hello, welcome to the club! I didn’t realize you are a new member when I responded to your post, my apologies. Now that I’ve read your post my question regarding your orthodontic treatment is answered. Gosh, jaw surgery sounds painful!!! I hope it’s not too bad for you and wish you all the best in your orthodontic journey. I look forward to more of your posts! - Cheers!

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Re: Going in for second round of braces - new here!

#3 Post by someguy98 »

Congrats! I also got braces for the second time this year. I hope you're doing well with your braces!

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