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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself and I have a question about wires. I am new to this forum. I have been wanting braces since I was 12. I did indeed get invisalign 8 years ago, but after they never corrected my crossbite AND I didn't wear my aligners consistently. :roll: :roll: :roll: I was going to go back to invisalign but since I REALLY want to fix my crossbite, I figured why not just bite the bullet and get the traditional braces. I am a musician (opera singer) and a teacher (musical theater, orchestra director, choir director). I am also a photographer (Weddings, Family Portraits, Seniors). I figured since we are all in masks, this is the PERFECT opportunity to start braces. I have ceramic on the top, and I JUST got metal on the bottom yesterday. I am excited about this journey, even though my dentist said it will be two years. (YIKES). :o I had 12 wire on the top when I went in yesterday, and was although he was going to be put in the 14, after looking at my teeth, he decided that I was ready for 18. I am not sure what all that means. How many wires are there? What number do they go up to?

Looking forward to connecting with all of you.

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Hi there,

These numbers denote thousandths of an inch. The smallest wires are about 11 or 12 and are the most flexible, allowing them to be placed around the most irregular teeth. You will normally start treatment with these, gradually increasing the thickness of wire profile as your teeth get straighter. The thickest wires are usually 25. The material used for the wires will also impact on their stiffness. Ni Ti or Cu Ni Ti are more flexible, stainless steel less flexible. TMA are somewhere in between. The shape of the wire profile also impacts on stiffness; rectangular profile wires are stiffer than round profile. So you may expect to start treatment with 12 round profile NiTi and finish with 25 stainless steel wires. But progression of wires is not always linear. I found myself going back to 12 profile when a bracket was moved. And I finished with round profile stainless steel, not rectangular.

Good luck with your treatment and nice that facemasks give you a little more discreetness of treatment ( not that there is anything wrong with getting braces but you can be self conscious at first). Do you sing with a facemask on?

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Hi. I have a crossbite plus canted teeth and off-midline. Wondering how much braces can fix all or any of these 3. Thank you!

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