First Week

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First Week

#1 Post by HappySmile123 »

Hello, well this is my first week with braces. I am 58 years old and this was a big decision. So many things they told me after they were on. In my initial consultation the young assistant explains the type of braces, the fun colors I can pick out and how great this is. Well I ended up with 3-4 springs, full metal on my bottom teeth, spacers , and bite bracket that don’t allow me to chew.🙄. Still I couldn’t be happier. Orthodontist says2-3 years as older teeth move slowly. He also talked of possible removing two teeth to make room. Now what is giving me anxiety is after the braces were on, he says how I will come every month for adjustments, he’s worried about periodontal disease then has my sign a waiver, and then it could be possible I need jaw surgery to correct my bite should it become different after braces. None of this was talked about in my consultation. Jaw surgery.!!!
I was overwhelmed and didn’t say anything. I was still feeling anxious from my braces being put on. So has anyone needed jaw surgery to correct their bite after braces? I don’t have a bite issue right now. This makes me want to have them removed and forget the whole thing. But I’ve waited so long to have my teeth straightened . Any one with thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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Re: First Week

#2 Post by Vbraceface2 »

So he touched base in all those topics but most likely you won’t need surgery. Be open to it since there’s a possibility. But it sounds like you don’t have a bite problem. He is just trying to let you know of the possibilities. It is a little weird of him to mention it after putting the braces on. He should’ve told you everything about your braces and case before putting them on.

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