New here- any advice appreciated!

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New here- any advice appreciated!

#1 Post by tayces »

Hi there,

I'm 20 years old and I just had my first consultation with an orthodontist yesterday to see if I was a good candidate for Invisalign or braces. Because I have an extreme deep bite and two severe rotated bottom teeth, he suggested braces as the only way to achieve an absolutely perfect smile. I set my appointment for Wednesday to get them on. However, I am still debating between ceramic or metal braces. I've already done a lot of research but I still feel conflicted. Any advice about the type of braces or anything in general is welcome! I'm glad to be part of this forum.

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Re: New here- any advice appreciated!

#2 Post by Jethro »

Hey tayces, congrats on starting your treatment. As for the proverbial ceramic vs metal decision, they are both good and will both get the desired results, it's just a matter of preference. Here's a recent threat on this topic: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=54271&p=507228#p507228 . Good luck!

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Re: New here- any advice appreciated!

#3 Post by djspeece »

Congrats on starting things off. I guess by now you have made your decicsion -- which way did you go with the brackets? I had the ceramics, but frankly would probably go with all metal if I had to do it over (uggh). Either way will likely get you a good result! Best of luck to you.

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Re: New here- any advice appreciated!

#4 Post by Navygrrl »

Ceramic braces tend to be bigger than metal braces, and some people don't like the color after they are applied, but I'm sure you've already made your decision. I have all metal braces, and most people don't really say too much about them at all, at least not until I mention it.

Also, be patient with your journey. There are going to be times when your teeth look worse or gaps open up, but it's a marathon, not a sprint. :)

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