Better Late Than Never!

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Better Late Than Never!

#1 Post by meggie »

31 y/o Canadian Military Officer and mother of two joining the metal mouth community for the first time.

When I was young, my parents were very poor and couldn't afford to take my to the dentist. I used to get what I thought were ear infections all the time. Eventually I saw an ENT who diagnosed me with TMJD and said I should really see a dentist. So, reluctantly my mother took me to see a dentist for the first time since I was 8 (I was 16 at the time). I was then referred to a periodontist because my bite and teeth were really messed up. My mother took me to the periodontist office for the consultation. The receptionist said it would be a $135 consultation fee. We walked out without ever seeing the doctor because my mother couldn't afford that, let alone the thousands it would cost for braces to correct the pain I was having.

15 years later, I am finally correcting my bite and teeth. Because my teeth lead to a functional problem (not just cosmetic), the military is paying for my treatment. If they had of declined my application, I was prepared to foot the bill myself.

I think cost likely inhibits many teens from getting the treatment they need. I am just glad I have the opportunity now.

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Re: Better Late Than Never!

#2 Post by APriv »

Congrats on making these huge steps and getting this all started! I'm just starting this process myself and am in my mid-30's. Putting off having as family until this is all over.

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Re: Better Late Than Never!

#3 Post by assertives »

Congrats on getting started! I too did not get braces when I was a kid because of financial issues. I was lucky that I only ended up with mild wear and tear on my teeth and jaw joints. I finally got braces at the ripe old age of 35 and foot the bill myself. All the best in your journey!

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