Braces at- 18

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Braces at- 18

#1 Post by AvalonD » Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:20 pm


Stumbling upon this forum website by chance has been the biggest relief for me, as a new braces wearer. I got my full set of metal braces on January 15th, 2018. It was quite an exciting way to start the new year if you ask me! However, with the braces came a large feeling of insecurity. After I got my braces on it was brought to my attention that most people associate braces with pre-teenagers and not grown adults- getting them on almost felt like I was defying this and that I must be perceived weird because of it. At work, I've felt nervous and uncomfortable at the thought of 'not being taken seriously' because I have braces and now look significantly younger.

This had made me extremely upset because braces are a thing that I've wanted since I was around 10 years old- they were a luxury that I could never afford but always dreamed of. My teeth have always made me feel insecure, unworthy and genuinely just plain ugly.

However, I am so glad that I have come to this forum and discovered persons many years my senior embracing their braces and getting excited about their impending new perfect smiles! I just want to send out a broad thank you to everyone who has shared their stories, because for the past hour I have been scrolling through and reading them all- drawing so much inspiration from everyone's words.


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Re: Braces at- 18

#2 Post by lovelyanything621 » Tue Apr 03, 2018 7:58 pm

Hey, I got braces on during the summer of my junior year going into senior year of high school. I know exactly how you feel. Everyone around me either were getting their braces off or already had them off. I actually was so pumped for braces in the beginning but as I entered into college and the hype disappeared I became more self conscious of myself and my smile just because I wanted to be seen as a college student, not a high school student.

But whatever, most of the time I don't care because I already look a bit young anyway, and I keep reminding myself that there are people who are way older than us who have just gotten their braces on. I also keep forgetting that life isn't a race so I should stop being so vain with my appearance with braces.

I wish you the best of luck though! You'll definitely get used to your braces and if you follow your orthodontist's instructions and don't miss any appointments then you should hopefully be getting them off in no time!

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Re: Braces at- 18

#3 Post by geauxpreaux » Thu Apr 12, 2018 2:13 pm

hey there! congrats on your braces! got mine on about a week after you. honestly, people don’t care about your braces as much as you think they do. most won’t even notice you have them on. I’m double your age with a professional career and give presentations on the regular and people don’t blink an eye.

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