Braces at 41

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Re: Braces at 41

#16 Post by bracesat41 »

Really regretting doing this now. I'm not even a month in and I will have these on for 2 years!. .. ugh. :ThumbsDown: :ThumbsDown: :ThumbsDown: :ThumbsDown: :ThumbsDown:

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Re: Braces at 41

#17 Post by C11 »

I also have TMJ and deep bite. Could you say more about having to stop working the removable appliances due to deep bite? I've been in splints 24/7 for 9 months and was supposed to be finished by now. I've broken 4, so I feel in many ways it's not working as it should, so I'm trying to guage if it's related to the deep bite. Thank you!

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Re: Braces at 41

#18 Post by rubyteeth »

Hello and Welcome to the over 40's brace club :)
i'm 46 and i'm now 8 months in. It's pretty awful and i'm not going to sugar coat it but it is harder at the beginning but when your mouth gets used to all the metal and toughens up against the brackets then it's just a matter of sucking it up and forgetting about it as much as you can. But on the upside i can already see things working and changing my face and i wouldn't give it up!
I still find eating the most disappointing part.
if you are sufficiently interested/bored enough you can read my blog at to give you an idea of a few of the stages you might go through. :)
Have fun and good luck !

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Re: Braces at 41

#19 Post by Navygrrl »

Hi, just checking to see if things have gotten better for you since you last posted. I'm hoping your mouth has toughened up and gotten used to the brackets. I'm a bit disappointed to see that the food thing will not really get better (from rubyteeth's post), but on the good side, at least it's a good way for me to diet. :lol:

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