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#1 Post by dh892r »

Hey Everyone,
My name is Dan. I have trolled ArchWired for the past few months primarily for orthognathic surgery information/tips.

The information has been invaluable. So thank you all for taking time post you experiences and insight.

Honestly, I joined to see pictures but am required to post within 24 hours to prevent my account from being deleted. So...

A little background on me, I had braces as a teenager (full upper and lower), lingual uppers in my late teens, and now the full set. I am in my late 20's and underwent double jaw surgery in January of this year. The procedure involved lefort three piece and MMA - maxillomandibular advancement.

Still healing and doing my best to remain patient. Just started physical therapy last week.

My orthodontist and oral surgeon are wonderful and I'm hoping to be out of my braces by the end of October of this year.


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Re: Introduction

#2 Post by SinkFullOfDinner »

Hey Dan. Anyone who has to go thru double jaw surgery deserves all of our good wishes, so good luck! I also didn't want your intro to slip since there are so few guys on the forums. Come to think of it though, a disproportionate number seem to be named "Dan." Hmmm. Maybe I should scratch that off consideration for any future "boys' names" list, lest it guarantee that I'll be paying another ortho. Again, good luck!

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Re: Introduction

#3 Post by saintofbays »

Hi Dan,

Thanks for sharing the quick info! Quick question - how do you feel 5+ years out of your double jaw MMA surgery? Would you do it again and have you had any complications long term? Thank you!

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