40yrs old with braces and an impacted canine (1yr in)

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40yrs old with braces and an impacted canine (1yr in)

#1 Post by Lorimac »

Hi all so I am Lori from Canada. My 4 sons and i all have braces right now but because I'm older my process seems so much more involved and slow. Painfully slow.
First of all a little about my journey so far.
I live in Canada but my benefits don't cover orthodontics...just cleanings and basic coverage so that means braces were $6000.00 (but i easily found a place that allowed me to pay for it with monthly payments) On top of that cost i had surgery 2 days ago to expose my upper left impacted canine which cost $1640.00. I had a baby tooth there for 40 yrs which finally fell out or it would have cost $250.00 to remove.
So thats the cost thus far.
Sept 16th, 2015 my 4 sons and i take over our orthodontist office and all 5 of us get braces put on. By december everyones smile looks a thousand times better.
June consult for impacted canine decides i should see a specialist for surgery
July 2016 consult for my surgery for my impacted canine
Aug 26th surgery
Ok so now I'm chained and waiting to start pulling my adult tooth into place. Im so nervous as i have heard it can be painful. Im also a wee bit impatient and wondering how long this will take. Im 41 so i have heard the tooth might move very slowly through the bone...anyone got any advice about this stage....specifically how often did you have to get tightened?
Anyways...as costly and slow as the process is I'm very happy to have a better smile. I grew up with a babytooth where i should have had a canine and was always self conscious (baby tooth was so tiny it looked like i was missing a tooth most of my life)
Im so glad to meet adults going through this too!

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Re: 40yrs old with braces and an impacted canine (1yr in)

#2 Post by Beckett »

Welcome! Three out of my four sons have been in our orthodontist's chair, my youngest is currently taking the plunge with me. He's 10. So everyone in that office feels like old friends by now. I didn't have an impacted canine, but my husband did. His came in fairly easily, it was early in our marriage when he had it taken care of. I have heard that adult canines take a wee bit longer to come down, so have patience. It will eventually be in its rightful place.
Braces for 18 months/4 days.


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Re: 40yrs old with braces and an impacted canine (1yr in)

#3 Post by Preskittwoman »

Hi. I noticed your post is from 2016. I’m 49 and 2.5 years into the process and getting very impatient. May I ask how you are doing now? Was it successful for you and how long did it take to get the canine down?
Any feed back would be much appreciated.

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