Am I ready to get my braces off? (pictures)

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Am I ready to get my braces off? (pictures)

#1 Post by braceface9 »

I'm getting my braces off within a month. I still have one more appointment left but I don't think my teeth will be straight within a month

Here are some pictures:

As you can see; my upper and lower teeth doesn't fit.. And I still have some gaps. I'm not sure how my orthodontist is going to fix that in one month :roll:

what do you think?

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Re: Am I ready to get my braces off? (pictures)

#2 Post by Ki3L »

No use taking them off early if your treatment hasn't fully completed. Maybe they will end up being on an extra month or so, but will be so worth it!

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Re: Am I ready to get my braces off? (pictures)

#3 Post by YellowDogTooth »

In my very unprofessional opinion they don't look quite ready. Almost there, but yeah!

Has your orthodontist told you there is only 1 month to go or are you basing it on the number of months originally estimated?

Sometimes treatment time goes over the estimated time for a number of reasons, so if he hasn't said you are getting them off you probably aren't.

If he has said you are getting them off I would point out your areas of concern and push for more time. If he is reluctant to do more time you can definitely say that this was not only an expensive treatment but also a lot of time and personal effort and you really do want the best outcome possible.

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Re: Am I ready to get my braces off? (pictures)

#4 Post by steven »

You have to ask your dentist for this, only your dentist can recommend you the best either you off the braces or not.

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