Hello! New and scared!

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Hello! New and scared!

#1 Post by gappedteeth »

Hello. I'm 18 and i really want braces because i hate my teeth. I have multiple gaps in the top set of my teeth but the bottom seems ok. I am really scared because i havr never even been to a dentist before. I grew up in a kinda poor country where middle class people cant really afford going to a dentist for normal checkups. I also think 18 is a little old for braces but i just really want to fix my teeth. I am going to start going to the dentist in 3 weeks and then hopefully find out more about braces and all.

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Re: Hello! New and scared!

#2 Post by Nana51 »

Gappedteeth, you can do it! 18 is not old for braces. I'm sure others here will agree on that point. My user name here gives you a clue about my age and I get to wear my braces for three years!
More important than having a "perfect smile" is that you are taking care of your teeth!
Good luck as you begin your adventure.

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Re: Hello! New and scared!

#3 Post by oldguy »

18 is a perfect age........You understand that the longer the teeth are not aligned

and set up for a proper bite ........the longer it takes to relocate them to the proper

alignment. When you get older, your jaw changes, and your teeth move. Mine

started slamming into one another. I'm in my 60's........if I had only done braces

sooner, my bite may not have been off. Your advantage is your age, they will move

quicker than mine, and if you use the retainers, they will stay that way. Good luck

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Re: Hello! New and scared!

#4 Post by Bridgettt »

I got mine 3 months after I turned 18! It was halfway through my Senior year in high school! I'm at college now and people still have braces! Good luck!

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