Hello :)

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Hello :)

#1 Post by Reflektor »

Hello! I'm getting braces in a week or so... Feeling pretty nervous but I'm sure it'll be worth it!

Just wanted to say hi :)

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Re: Hello :)

#2 Post by cakemamma »

Hi reflektor! You should tell us a bit about what treatment you'll be having, and be sure to do some before photos before the big day!
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Re: Hello :)

#3 Post by Reflektor »

Hello! I actually just got them today. They're normal metal ones and I'll have them for 2 years, apparently. It's really weird having them, can't see myself getting used to them any time soon. The 4 extractions I had to get were pretty grim too!

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Re: Hello :)

#4 Post by ejs »

Congratulations on getting the process started! Hope your first week has gone well!


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Re: Hello :)

#5 Post by laraa »

Nice abd tell us what happened to you when you get it

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Re: Hello :)

#6 Post by Nana51 »

Hello! Congrats on starting your journey. Hope that since you are now , what, 19 days into this, that you're settling into a routine. Routine = eat, brush, floss, wax. Repeat. Salt water rinses are great, too, in those first several weeks. Just deciding to get the braces was the hardest part for me. With that done, I'm so"over it" as younger folks say. :lol: Still, I have days that I wish I could spit these things out. Overall, not much to complain about.
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Re: Hello :)

#7 Post by Reflektor »

Bit of a late reply... I'm getting on great with them, thanks. Only trouble is that I missed a couple appointments and felt like I was going backwards, glad to be making progress again!

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Re: Hello :)

#8 Post by ksjbmw90 »

hi! they told me they might have to pull teeth, but it wont be until partway thru my treatment. good luck!

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