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Newbie intro

#1 Post by gemini4 »


I am 48 and will be getting braces soon (ceramic on top, metal on the bottom). I had my records (impressions, photos, x-rays) done last week and return in two weeks for the thorough explanation of the treatment and to get spacers put in. :yuck: My brace date is scheduled for the 30th.

My ortho is currently treating my preteen daughter's overbite. I got the idea for braces for myself after my older sister just got hers off at age 54. She had severe crowding on the bottom and needed a bite correction. The difference is incredible -- her teeth are absolutely perfect. I have an overbite that has caused my two bottom incisors to chip, plus my front teeth slant inward and my bite is "off". My teeth aren't crooked, but I don't want my bottom teeth to whittle away!

I had braces at age 30 for six months ... it really achieved nothing. I was treated by a "dabbling dentist" ... the object was to move my slanted front teeth out (to get out of the way of the bottom teeth, I guess), but now that I know more about orthodontia, I'm not surprised ... I didn't even have braces on my lower teeth. I'm glad to be doing it right this time!

My ortho said the treatment will be 18 months to two years. I hate to wish time away (especially at my age) ... it would be nice if I got debraced before my 50th birthday. We shall see...

I'm really dreading the spacers and the discomfort and unattractiveness of the braces, but there's no use putting it off any longer!

Hopefully this board will help to pass the time away pleasantly. :) I'm glad I found this site, the information is very helpful!

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Re: Newbie intro

#2 Post by Greenman »

It's never too late to start. Good luck with your journey...and welcome to this site.
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Re: Newbie intro

#3 Post by Webbie »


I'm 25 and have got metal braces fixed on top on 10th August. Had 2 teeth extracted too. Now the countdown to have perfectly aligned set of teeth begins....

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Re: Newbie intro

#4 Post by TheNewJenn40 »

I agree, it's never too late to improve your smile! I'm going to be starting this process very soon myself at the tender age of "40"!! :D

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Re: Newbie intro

#5 Post by kanseitou »

Hello everyone! I'm 21 and got metal braces on top and bottom last August 25, 2012. Reasons for having braces? My teeth have tiny gaps and they're a bit flared. :( I went to see my ortho to have my first adjustment this day and finally have power chains on my 4 front teeth both at my top and bottom teeth. My orthodontist said I'd be wearing braces for 2 and half years! Can't wait to see monthly improvements!

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