And, they're off!

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And, they're off!

#1 Post by tomrsvee »

Just off today! It's a wonderful feeling. :) I am writing this to give you encouragement, the encouragement everyone gave me through my period in braces. The time passed quickly, one of the downsides of maturity, I guess. But let me share that it is worth it. I've read recent posts from people who are just beginning their journey. Within 6 months everything will become easier, you'll eat what you please, and smile naturally. I encourage anyone who feels embarrassed or selfconcious about their smile, or having trouble with their bite, to move ahead with it, don't let more time pass. Some people say, oh, I'll be XX old by the time I'm finished, well, God willing, you'll be xx old no matter what, you may as well enjoy nice teeth for the remainder of your life.

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Re: And, they're off!

#2 Post by belistic10 »

that is very true :D theres no time like the present to make a change for yourself! Getting mine in 12days time, apprehensive about the pain aspects but all the rest i am looking forward to seeing changes in my teeth :)
you must be so happy to have them off now :)


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Re: And, they're off!

#3 Post by lau »

very reassuring! thanks for posting. Its been a week and a day for me- they told me 18 months, but knowing me and how impatient I am not sure if I'll be able to wait that long.
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Re: And, they're off!

#4 Post by Jethro »

As someone in the (well) over 40 club, I wholeheartedly concur with with your words of encouragement. And of course, CONGRATS!!!

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Re: And, they're off!

#5 Post by klobird »


You are so right on!! At 6 months--where I am almost at---everything braces is mostly just like normal stuff. And I have always looked at it like you--in 2yrs, I will be 2yrs older anyway--so let's get on with it!!!!

I definetely envy you, but you had to do all the same things as I will--you just beat me to it!!!

You deserve a great big "high five"!!!! :-** :-** :-** :dance: :dance: :jump: :jump:

Oh ya, one of my friends surprised me when I asked "well, what do you think of me having braces at my age"...I thought when he started out, "well, my teenage son just got his off"--oh, here we go....and then he just said "it's will just have less time than him to enjoy your new look when your braces are off!!" true!!!...........

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Re: And, they're off!

#6 Post by tomrsvee »

And, just as I thought, I had to point out my 'unbraced self' to my 13 year old, even my husband didn't notice until we were cleaning up after dinnner, I finally had to face him, call his name, and smile. And it took a minute. HAH! My 16 year old noticed on day 2 when I brought home my retainer. A few people have noticed at work, and the reaction has been great. Frankly, though, the most important reaction is mine, when I look in the mirror, when I look at the beginning impressions that my dentist gave me, I just can't believe that after all these years I don't have to be self-concious about my smile.
Keep going, it's worth it. Congrats to everyone who is going through it now, you'll be smiling soon, too.

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Re: And, they're off!

#7 Post by drgnchsr36 »

Congrats on getting them off!! :)



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Re: And, they're off!

#8 Post by BlindSight »

So my question is how did you feel about yourself in general before braces, not just about your smile but self confidence in yourself as a whole....and has that changed at all now? Do you really notice a significant difference in how you feel about yourself? And is it really easier to brush your teeth :)?

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